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Eroge News: Erogos Announces Inshoku Chikan Densha

Hybrid eroanime / eroge maker Erogos, known for their Love Fetish and Maho Tama series of interactive eroanime, returns to the scene with a new series dubbed simply 淫 in (“lewdness”). The first entry in the series will be released on May 25th under the title Inshoku Chikan Densha, venturing into a genre so run into the dirt that the phrase “chikan densha” is enough to put even the most caffeinated otaku into a deep and instant slumber. Why can’t they try something else one of these days – a chikan submarine or a chikan helicopter, for instance. Chikan Sub Six, I can see it now… (no more)

Eroge News: Ane wa Ero-komi Henshuusha official site open

13cm recently announced the formation of sister brand 13cc to handle the release of their budget titles, but when I visited its official site on April first I thought this game was being announced as a gag – the characters were all rendered in full fujoshi mode. Lo and behold, Ane we Ero-komi Henshuusha (eng. my sister is an eromanga editor) turns out to be an actual game! Albeit with decidedly more bishoujo designs than the April Fool’s version. Wish they still had that up somewhere, it was pretty funny… regardless, we’ll be following what looks to be an amusing if somewhat uninspired take on the otaku-themed eroge. We’ve had games about making doujinshi, games about Akihabara, and now this – what’s next, a moe-moe look at the life and times of eroge creators themselves? (no more)

Magazine Review: Comp H’s vol. 3

Kadokawa Shoten continues its assault on Megami‘s bishoujo poster magazine monopoly with the March 26th release of Comp H’s vol. 3. This latest installment offers the same high quality and great extras the previous two had to offer, at 750 yen to Megami’s 780, and if I were the latter I might consider switching to the brown pants right about now. (pictures below)

[ERO] Figure Review: O-ji Collection Trial Edition

The world of figures you’d have a hard time displaying in public saw another entry recently in the form of this pint-sized O-ji / Toy’s Planning collaboration, called “trial edition” as she was produced as the provisional first in a series of figures bundled with mini-artbooks (Weekly Dearest My Brother, anyone?). As the Toypla blog is now reporting that the series is to continue (pictures below) I thought it would be a good time to whip out the camera and see what it’s all about. The rather work-unsafe results of a detailed inquiry follow: