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Figure News: Cerberus Project Princess Waltz Iris PVC coming from Wafuudou Ganguten

In the world of Princess Waltz, Pulltop’s 2006 epic ADV/SLG, a bevy of princesses fight for the hand of a rather effeminate prince (SPOILER: HE’S A GIRL), Chris. Iris is the most mysterious of these combatants, brought to life here by sculptor French Doll of circle Cerberus Project. Her battle dress was removable in the original kit, so one would conjecture that the Wafuudou version will not abandon this particular feature… Preorders began yesterday, with release expected in early July.

Personally I’m wavering on this. What I’d really like to see would be a PVC release of French Doll’s subsequent Angela kit… Imperious dominatrix types ++, and that hair will DESTROY you. (Iris pictures below)

Otaku Trendspotting: The Printer-shi

HD presents the first installment in a what may or may not become a series of hard-hitting investigative journalism pieces, in which we take you behind the lines of the Japanese otaku front to discover bits of cultural flak that haven’t yet penetrated the collective kevlar jacket of the international fan community. Today’s topic: To Print or to Photocopy, That is the Question! aka The Gutenberg Doujinshi. Featuring a real live interview with a real live doujin artist!*

Eroge News: Littlewitch 6th project “Period” official site open

Known for their distinctive art and great games I’ll probably never play because there aren’t any voluptuous onee-sans involved, now that a bit of breathing space has elapsed since the January 26th release of Rondo Leaflet Littlewitch has seen fit to unveil their next title currently in production: Period. While there’s not much information on the site yet there is a staff blog, and a paragraph introducing the story (translated below):