Loading the website was brain overload. Watching the trailer all I could do was wobble my slack chin weakly with a sound resembling “awawawawawa” coming out. I’d think it was still April first, if this wasn’t Nitro+ we were talking about. There are no more words.

On a side note, I’m happy to see that Tre Donne Crudeli doesn’t look like it’s to be treated as the game’s main title, having acquired another pair of subtitles: “Satsuriku no Jango” (eng. Jango of the slaughter) and “Jigoku no Shoukinsha – (Houdai)” (eng. the ballad of hell’s bounty – (Japanese title)). I never thought I’d put the words “eroge” and “spaghetti Western” in the same sentence, but… (no more)