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Doujin Music Scene: Rance Love, Hard Rock Style

For lovers of the music in Alice Soft’s Rance series (nay, for lovers of good music in general), hoist your mainsail and navigate on over to Human BBQ and get ready to rock out to their arrangements of the music from various Rance games. My recommendation from the melange? Drive Back the Enemy! (scroll down) from Sengoku Rance. Such raw aggression can only be described as a provocation to “hear me live.” (no more)

Eroge News: Nitro+’s Tre Donne Crudeli – Satsuriku no Jango Official Site Open, Teaser Trailer Released

Loading the website was brain overload. Watching the trailer all I could do was wobble my slack chin weakly with a sound resembling “awawawawawa” coming out. I’d think it was still April first, if this wasn’t Nitro+ we were talking about. There are no more words.

On a side note, I’m happy to see that Tre Donne Crudeli doesn’t look like it’s to be treated as the game’s main title, having acquired another pair of subtitles: “Satsuriku no Jango” (eng. Jango of the slaughter) and “Jigoku no Shoukinsha – (Houdai)” (eng. the ballad of hell’s bounty – (Japanese title)). I never thought I’d put the words “eroge” and “spaghetti Western” in the same sentence, but… (no more)