In this time of war it would be remiss of us not to cover the efforts on behalf of everyone’s favorite moe magical marine mascot, Pixel Maritan. HD scoops the fresh dirt, taken straight from her official site’s info page.

  • Maritan Concentration Drills Special Supplementary Lessons Compilation Drama CD & Visual Book “Maritan to Hanasou (Eng. Let’s Talk with Maritan) F・●・C・K!(provisional title)” on sale Saturday, April 28th!

    Maritan and her usual gang of compatriots have infiltrated a certain northern country?! In the search for weapons of mass destruction?! Complete with a full English explanation, of course! This time the focus will be on simple “single word fucking English” that anyone can use!

    Characters aside from Maritan may even read some of those terrible model sentences…

  • Internet radio “Pixel Maritan Dojo Ketsu no Ana! (Eng. Asshole) (provisional title)” will be on air in May! Internet radio station Onsen will be hosting a planned two episodes. We’ll be taking questions from the readers of this (the official Maritan) site! Details in the following days.
  • HJ Novel’s “Mahou no Kaiheitaiin (Eng. Magical Marine) Pixel Maritan” on sale Friday, June 1st!

    Pixel Maritan, a princess from a magical country, claims modern-day Japan as her training ground! A proclamation of war on the “education with breathing space” system?!

We mustn’t forget the new line of Maritan sausage, either…

Edit: *cough* J-List currently has the first two volumes of Maritan Concentration Drills in stock, if you haven’t picked them up yet.