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Figure News: Hobby Japan limited edition Marimite Rei and Yoshino PVCs announced

While attempting to hunt down a copy of Comp H’s vol. 3 today amongst the local bookstores (no luck… it either sold out in a day or the shipment is extremely late, and I fear the latter is an overly optimistic prognosis) I decided to browse through the recently released May edition of Hobby Japan. Amidst several items of interest one thing stood out in particular: this charming pair of Rei and Yoshino figures from Maria-sama ga Miteru. I got all excited, only to examine the article more thoroughly and find that they’re a limited edition item available only by clipping out a special seal from the magazine and sending it in along with three box-tops to HJ by May 10th, who will then lovingly craft the box-tops into figures and send them back in four months time. If only box-tops were a global currency, what a world it would be! Scans below:

Figure News: Goodsmile’s Iroha Progresses

Goodsmile first announced that they had acquired Nakayama Eiji (Tekkoryuu)’s 1/5 scale Samurai Spirits Iroha sculpt for mass PVC production at Wonder Festival Summer 2006. She hasn’t been mentioned since, and the skeptical among us thought she might have been dropped from their production schedule entirely. Hope returns today in the form of a GA Graphic newspost from the Goodsmile booth at TAF 2007: Iroha lives, and in color! No news yet on a target release window beyond “summer 2007”, but this is an item I’ll be watching like a ravenous bird of prey. Details in this Friday’s News Watch, perhaps? (no more)

Eroge News: Yume Miru Kusuri Mastered Up

From the shameless plugs department: the meaning of the phrase “master up” that appears so often appended to Moon Phase eroge news entries has eluded me for awhile now, but I have finally grasped its true meaning: MASTER UP (v.) 1. the pressing of a game’s master disc that will then go to off to the presses, be packed in boxes (little boxes, and they all look just the same) and shipped to retailers and eager gamers everywhere – in short, the penultimate step in game production. I’m happy to announce that as of today, Yume Miru Kusuri has entered this esteemed phase. Just a few short weeks until it hits the e-shelves… (no more)

Editor’s Desk: The (C)lass Room, In Memoriam

When I moved to Isesaki in January for my new job I didn’t just leave a cluttered den of otaku filth behind – I left a memory. If you don’t want to find yourself looking for a new job as well I strongly advise against viewing this post at work…

Figure News: Megahouse Queen’s Blade PVC series Tomoe and Erina announced

Lolipuni represented yesterday with photos from the May issue of Hobby Japan scooping the production announcement of the two latest figures in the Megahouse Excellent Model Queen’s Blade line: Tomoe and Erina (Elina). Given the strategically placed seams in evidence both appear to be cast-off ready, and are slated for July ’07 release. Watch those preorders! (no more)