Filing from the Old News Division: first introduced at Winter Wonder Festival 2007 on February 25th, (see Moeyo’s coverage) and again unveiled at the Miyazawa Model Exhibition Spring 2007 (Moeyo) on March 13th, last Friday’s episode of Goodsmile’s One Hobby News Watch brought official videographic documentation (and a great size reference – she’s huge) of what in my addled brain is perhaps the most aniticipated PVC bishoujo figure to be released in summer 2007: Max Factory’s Nishimura Kinu-designed, Hamasaki Gou-sculpted Shiranui Mai from King of Fighters. She’s tentatively scheduled for a July release, but we know how these things change… keep an eye on your online shop of choice, as her pre-order window is likely to close as soon as it opens. (no more)