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Figure News: Mechamusume Vol. 3 Bonus Figure Revealed

As was the case with the second volume of Konami’s Mechamusume trading figures, the third volume, scheduled for a March 21st release, will come with a bonus figure that can be assembled by collecting the component parts from the other units in the series. Unlike the sober mechanical augmentation that came with the second volume, though, news is in that the third volume’s bonus figure will be the ELECTRO LOLITA 02. Très bien! (no more)

Eroge Update: Mid-February Release Roundup

In which Shingo opines on the disastrous release delays of futanari games, notes some other February titles of interest, takes a look at what’s in the release pipeline for the next few months, and indulges in some shameless self-promotion.

Denpa News: MOSAIC.WAV’s 4th Single Hits Store Shelves

Dubbed Giri-Giri Kagaku Shoujo Falsie (“Falsie the Pseudo-Science Girl” according to the official jacket translation), the 4th “maxi single” of hyper-saccharin pop combo MOSAIC.WAV (famous most recently for their rousing rendition of the Sumomo mo Momo mo OP) is now available in wide release! A short version of the title track can be downloaded here. If you think you’ve heard this before you probably have – the album recieved limited release in late December at Comiket 71. (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile Limited Edition Lineage II Dark Elf PVC Figure Announced

Game news site eg scoops and Goodsmile’s official site confirms the news today that a 2000-unit limited edition PVC run of a kit based on the Dark Elf female character from Lineage II will be available for preorder exclusively from Goodsmile’s online shop starting on March 5th. First Ignis the White, and now this? Japan, your figures are like a facehugger on my wallet… images and further details below the fold: