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Fate / stay tune Web Radio to Launch on February 22nd

News coming from several quarters today that Animate will be hosting a new web radio program entitled Fate / stay tune, with its first episode scheduled for broadcast on February 22nd. It will feature regular appearances from voice actresses Kawasumi Ayako (Saber) and Ueda Kana (Rin), with an array of themed program segments including “Normal Otaku Church”, “Great Cleave! Excalibur”, “Obey My Command!!” and “Radio Tiger Dojo” as well as announcements and late-breaking news from the Fateverse. One more letter and the show’s title would’ve made sense… (no more)

Protoculture News: Momoi Haruko Speaks Out

Momoi Haruko, famous for her work as a voice actress and as a pioneer of the denpa musical genre with unit UNDER17, released a volume of her memoirs on January 26th, 2007 entitled AkihabaLOVE – Akihabara to Isshoni Otona ni Natta – (“I became an adult along with Akihabara”). To commemorate the book’s release she held a signing event on that date in the only place it would be appropriate, and Livedoor’s anime news blog was there to cover the event with some nice pictures and an interview that gives an interesting glimpse into both the mind of a woman dubbed the “queen of Akihabara” and the district’s unique development over the past 15 years. Read on for translated excerpts.