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Post-Futaket Note

Just a quick note to log a safe return from Futaket vs. ABC last night. Participating in an event as my own circle (this time with enough sleep to actually comprehend what was going on around me) was quite the learning experience, and a fun – though hectic – time was had by all. The frantic pace continues today, as I decided to finally take the plunge and go through with a Comiket application, which must be completed by 1:00 PM tomorrow to meet the online submission deadline. That’s the highest priority right now, so a more thorough Futaket report will shortly follow… Otanoshimi ni~ (no more)

Post-WanFesu Note

A successful return from WanFesu. At this point not entirely sure whether Japanese figure maniacs are committed or should be committed. Also now entirely sure that the purchase of a better camera for future events is in. Also entirely sure that despite their budgetary effectiveness, a night spent in an internet cafe is not a good start to an event. Updates either this evening or tomorrow morning. (no more — heh I always wanted to write that)

Event Reminder: Wonder Festival and Hentai Matsuri Tomorrow, February 25th

Shingo here, taking a break from the final mad dash of doujinshi production to remind HD readers that we’ll be covering not one but both of the events going down tomorrow. I’ll be representing at Futaket vs. ABC, and ace investigative reporter Shipon is down from Sendai for the weekend to take in the sights and sounds of Wonder Festival. Event reports to follow shortly! Apologies for the lack of updates over the past week (aside from Seiya’s superb dumpster diving escapade); all of my free time has been spent busily drawing away. Back to regular updates next week~ (no more)

Tokyo Teleport Station: Dumpster Diving

In this installment of Tokyo Teleport Station, Seiya sheds some light on the best way to get ahold of internal production documents straight from your favorite animation studio. Hint: Asking them nicely isn’t going to do it.

Figure News: Mechamusume Vol. 3 Bonus Figure Revealed

As was the case with the second volume of Konami’s Mechamusume trading figures, the third volume, scheduled for a March 21st release, will come with a bonus figure that can be assembled by collecting the component parts from the other units in the series. Unlike the sober mechanical augmentation that came with the second volume, though, news is in that the third volume’s bonus figure will be the ELECTRO LOLITA 02. Très bien! (no more)

Eroge Update: Mid-February Release Roundup

In which Shingo opines on the disastrous release delays of futanari games, notes some other February titles of interest, takes a look at what’s in the release pipeline for the next few months, and indulges in some shameless self-promotion.

Denpa News: MOSAIC.WAV’s 4th Single Hits Store Shelves

Dubbed Giri-Giri Kagaku Shoujo Falsie (“Falsie the Pseudo-Science Girl” according to the official jacket translation), the 4th “maxi single” of hyper-saccharin pop combo MOSAIC.WAV (famous most recently for their rousing rendition of the Sumomo mo Momo mo OP) is now available in wide release! A short version of the title track can be downloaded here. If you think you’ve heard this before you probably have – the album recieved limited release in late December at Comiket 71. (no more)

Figure News: Goodsmile Limited Edition Lineage II Dark Elf PVC Figure Announced

Game news site eg scoops and Goodsmile’s official site confirms the news today that a 2000-unit limited edition PVC run of a kit based on the Dark Elf female character from Lineage II will be available for preorder exclusively from Goodsmile’s online shop starting on March 5th. First Ignis the White, and now this? Japan, your figures are like a facehugger on my wallet… images and further details below the fold:

Pure Love Renaissance : Nigel Woolcock’s Travels In The Orient

Shipon introduces an introductory introduction to Japan, Nigel Woolcock’s Travels In The Orient : Part XXI – Japan; an interesting look at the far exotic Asian destination and it’s strange and exotic customs.

Eroge Update: Valentine’s Day Greetings

Garnered from Moon Phase, a list of wallpapers and other miscellany created for this year’s marketer’s matsuri to remind us that two-dimensional love is a constant commodity. Links below:

Figure News: Ignis the White Coming in PVC from Orchid Seed (Pictures Inside)

Ranking among my favorite character designs of the decade, the reincarnated wedding dress version of Ignis has been one of the few designs I’ve really longed to see brought to life in figure form. Knowing it was unlikely due to the incredible complexity of the sculpt I didn’t dare to dream, but now that dream has come true… *tries to hide tears of joy, fails* A resin sculpt of Orchid Seed’s Ignis the White will be on display at Wonder Festival on the 25th, with a PVC version slated for release in the indeterminate future. Read on for more details, and shots of the kit:

Anime News: Kodomo no Jikan to Recieve TV Anime Adaptation

According to the promotional flyleaf on the cover of the third volume of the soon to be released Kodomo no Jikan manga vol. 3 (expertly scooped by Moon Phase), the story of a third-grader smitten with her hapless 23 year old virgin male teacher (oh, Japan…) is to recieve the anime treatment at some point in the unspecified future. The curious will be happy to note that the manga has been licensed for release in English by Seven Seas Entertainment, with the first volume due out in April. (no more)

Anime News: Kiddy Grade to Become a 3-Part Movie, Recieve a Sequel

News from the official Kiddy Grade site today that the original 24-part series from 2002 is to be cut together and condensed into three 80 to 90-minute theatrical releases, complete with new and revised scenes, slated for projection at Theatre Shinjuku between April and September 2007. Why do I get the feeling that this is just a vehicle to milk Hirano Aya‘s newfound stardom? Not that I’m complaining, mind you… In slightly older news, a pilot DVD for Kiddy Grade 2 will go on sale this spring at seven minutes and 2,940 yen. Details beyond this are scarce, but given the staff they’ve trotted out for it and the new designs on the page it can only point to a new series in the works, probably for broadcast later this year. (no more)

Fate / stay tune Web Radio to Launch on February 22nd

News coming from several quarters today that Animate will be hosting a new web radio program entitled Fate / stay tune, with its first episode scheduled for broadcast on February 22nd. It will feature regular appearances from voice actresses Kawasumi Ayako (Saber) and Ueda Kana (Rin), with an array of themed program segments including “Normal Otaku Church”, “Great Cleave! Excalibur”, “Obey My Command!!” and “Radio Tiger Dojo” as well as announcements and late-breaking news from the Fateverse. One more letter and the show’s title would’ve made sense… (no more)

Protoculture News: Momoi Haruko Speaks Out

Momoi Haruko, famous for her work as a voice actress and as a pioneer of the denpa musical genre with unit UNDER17, released a volume of her memoirs on January 26th, 2007 entitled AkihabaLOVE – Akihabara to Isshoni Otona ni Natta – (“I became an adult along with Akihabara”). To commemorate the book’s release she held a signing event on that date in the only place it would be appropriate, and Livedoor’s anime news blog was there to cover the event with some nice pictures and an interview that gives an interesting glimpse into both the mind of a woman dubbed the “queen of Akihabara” and the district’s unique development over the past 15 years. Read on for translated excerpts.

Figure News: “Human Scale” EVA Unit 1 Announced, Cost is That of a Small Car

Game info site eg presents news today that Akiyama Koubou, the company that brought the 1:1 scale Gundam bust to the Bandai Museum in addition to other feats of modern art, architecture and design, has produced a fully painted 209 centimeter tall EVA unit 1 figure that will be available for purchase at a price of 985,000 yen starting in mid-February. They’ve scheduled an initial run of 20, which one might deem optimistic if one were not acquainted with the habits of rabid Evangelion otaku. Check out eg’s coverage for some great shots of the figure in production. As an added point of interest, Akiyama Koubou’s official Eva site mentions that they have a 1:1 scale Rei figure currently in development as well… (no more)

Eroanime News: Taimanin Asagi to be animated, Murakami Teruaki directs

News just in today that hardcore eroanime director Murakami Teruaki (known for work most recently on Anime on Demand‘s Yakin Byoutou titles, as well as Kuroai and Seifuku Shojo) will be bringing his trademark style to Lilith subsidiary Pixy and their animated rendition of 2005’s popular Taimanin Asagi (original game designs from Kagami / Utility Pole Spirit). Given the game’s content I can’t think of a better director to helm this project… the first episode is slated for download availability on February 24th, with a package release coming on March 2nd. (no more)

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Mainichi Junk: Your Friend in Japan

In today’s update: HD takes a look at currently running anime and recently released manga, declares February to be Amazume Ryuuta month, glances at recent and upcoming eroge releases, opines on figures and the like, and runs at the mouth.

Pure Love Renaissance : Foreigner Criminal File

Shipon returns from a long vacation in the sun Down Under to stir the sediment of a resting HD with a report on Gaijin Hanzai Ura Fairu or Foreigner Criminal File – the Japanese publication most likely to get confiscated on your return to your home country. But not for the reasons you might think.