The title says it all: HD pays a visit to the 2006 installment of the Tokyo Bishoujo Figure Convention, and comes away satisfied – though not entirely by the event. Don’t plan you’re vacation around this one unless you have a friend willing to sit through it with you…

The highlights:

The event itself was rather underwhelming, featuring a very limited array of new figures on display and nowhere near the spread available at Wonder Festival. Put simply and with the benefit of 20-20 hindsight, BFCT is an event for PVC makers to dump a load of dead stock and “limited edition” kits on unsuspecting fans, hoping to make a quick buck in the process. I say “unsuspecting” because as this was only the event’s second year it’s my suspicion that many other attendees were, like myself, unaware of its precise nature; all things considered it probably wasn’t worth the 10$ USD (1,200 yen) entrance fee, and unless next year shows marked signs of improvement I doubt I’ll be going again.

That said, I had a great time chatting with Will and poking around Akiba together afterwards. Along with the Tachibana Rei kit I picked up Yujin’s limited edition Kazama Asuka PVC from Tekken 5 (had to justify the price of admittance somehow), which should see a review here soon – along with all of the other backlog. ;;

For now, some pictures:

the event guidebook, making ample use of its single Poyoyon Rock illustration

the largest display at the event was this gallery of Paper Moon lifesize dolls

news from Chara-Ani that a set of SOS-dan “Cosplay Collection” figures will be coming out sometime this winter

Happinet had a decent spread of new material

Ah! My Goddess Seaside Collection trading figures, no release date set

Belldandy PVC from Ah! My Goddess, due out in May 2007

Chikane PVC from Kannazuki no Miko, due out in April 2007

Himeko PVC from Kannazuki no Miko, due out in April 2007

Lottie PVC from Soukou no Strain, no release date set

Tsukino (swimsuit ver.) PVC from Yakitate Japan, no release date set

Yurie PVC from Kamichu!, no release date set

Kotobukiya’s Shadow of the Colossus trading figures, out in January 2007

variations on the theme of this Pangya Arin PVC are due out from Solid Theater in April 2007

Akihabara’s Chuo Doori (main street) this Sunday afternoon, with roadblocks to bar traffic

another shot of the same, with the ubiquitous Gamers

Kotobukiya opened its first floor Radio Kaikan location on Friday, December 1st – the shop was still hopping today

the paper version of the Comic Market 71 catalog went on sale yesterday, and the staff of Toranoana were busy

a preliminary shot of Yujin’s Asuka PVC

And that’s a wrap! I’d try to flesh this out a bit further if my brain weren’t trying to ooze like a gaseous icicle down my spinal column right now… to bed…