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Back from Akihabara, Loot in Tow

In today’s update: A barebones loot report, pending further explication and review over the coming days. In other news: the Comiket 71 catalog is now up for preorder (going on sale December 2nd in print format and 9th as a CD-ROM), and Daiki Kougyou’s Koyori PVC is fucking huge.

[ERO] Anime Yagami Yuu Official Site Open, First Teaser Online

Anime On Demand has put an official site up for their December 21st release of Anime Yagami Yuu, an animated take on the heroine of Mink’s Yakin Byoutou 3 eroge. Concurrently, updates with a new promo page for the OVA, including a 1’16” teaser video (download link below the DVD cover image) that will no doubt appeal to fans of the shoe-clad appendage. (no more)

Saturday Morning Figure Roundup

In today’s update: maid cafe Pinafore gets a Megahouse action figure, Solid Theater gets a brace of stationery-themed mascots, we preview next weekend’s Clayz Moe~ro Matsuri (and how!), Konami distracts you from the desert of the real with its digital Diorama Studio, Maritan gets an online PX and a couple of Comiket figures, and other stuff you’ll just have to read to find out because it’s not worth mentioning here. or maybe it is…

Leaf Announces To Heart 2 Expansion “Another Days”

There’s nothing to know about it at this point beyond the name, though Moon Phase has listed its scoop in a purple font, indicating that it’s likely to a) be a PC game and b) contain ero elements. As anything with the words “to” “heart” and “2” in the title seems to be made of molten platinum these days this is one we’ll definitely be following. (no more)