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When You Think “Freedom”, Don’t Think Fries – Think Cup Noodle

News about an Otomo Katsuhiro-designed series of 3D animated Nissin Cup Noodle commercials has been out for awhile, but fresh news arrives today that the series plus additional material is to be combined into a 24-minute OVA on sale November 24th. Even better, Yahoo will be streaming it for free for a 72-hour period starting at noon (Tokyo standard time) on November 17th. Akira fans, this may be a dream come true… (no more)

[ERO] Scoops Latest Yakin Byoutou OVA

According to this post at, Anime Yagami Yuu will go on sale December 21st from the depraved minds at Soft on Demand‘s recently opened anime division. Yagame Yuu is the heroine of Mink’s Yakin Byoutou 3, released in late 2004, though from the screenshots in the post this new OVA seems more akin to its predecessor than to the game that inspired it. (no more)

[ERO] Iron Maiden Demo Movie (store display version) Online

Iron Maiden – Hagane no Otome – is on schedule for a November 24th release from G.J? sister brand Ole, and toward that end a new 2:12 minute demo movie is available for download from the game’s official site. The game can be ordered from Himeya here; fans of Gunner-L‘s improbably-bosomed heroines will certainly want to check this out. (no more)

Kotobukiya Announces Limited Edition Witchblade Masane PVC

According to this item newly posted to the Kotobukiya online shop, a Masane PVC figure is currently in production based on this Uno Makoto-penned illustration for Megami Magazine. Shots of the figure from various enticing angles are available here; it’s scheduled to be available in February of 2007 as an exclusive from Kotobukiya’s online and offline shops, but if it’s anything like their other recent “exclusives” it should see a general retail release soon enough. Tanoshimi~ (no more)