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Getsumen Toheiki Miina Official Site Online

Tsukuda Mina is your average 17 year-old high school student / sports announcer for Luna TV. One day she’s scheduled to interview a sports star via satellite hookup, but it’s interrupted by sudden alien contact! What is the weighty mission with which she will be tasked? If it involves bunny ears and carrot-powered rocket engines, it’s got to be good. The official site for January 2007 launch TV anime Getsumen Toheiki Miina is now online! (no more)

Mainichi Junk: Beyond the Moedrome

In today’s update: the hobby news is strong with this one, containing event news from last Sunday’s G.K.ism garage kit expo, the upcoming Bishoujo Figure Convention Tokyo, and our first glimpse of Wonda and Reset’s new look for Wonder Festival Winter 2007. In addition: Daiki Kougyou’s enormous Koyori PVC gets a street date, more eroero Konomi swimsuit shots, clarification on Aniplex / Happinet / Alter’s Tsukino figure, and a blast from the past with Kimagure Orange Road.