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Saturday Morning Post: Media Side

In today’s update: online game Master of Epic gets an anime, we correct a misrepresentation of Sisters of Wellber (oh puns!), Tokyo Majin Gakuen gets a launch date, Ufotable updates its Manabi Straight site, and we tread cautiously on a new Haruhi anime rumor.

Kotobukiya’s Mirei-san PVC, in Color

A late-breaking figure update, courtesy of rq: Yamashita Shunya has updated his blog with photos of a completed color mock-up of Mirei-san, an original PVC figure of his design slated for release by Kotobukiya in the spring of 2007. Fans of all things sexy are urged not to give this one a miss. (no more)

Saturday Morning Post: Hobby Side

In today’s update: Orchid Seed supplements its PVC lineup with an impressively-bosomed Chichinoe kit, hopes for a PVC Bubba Haruhi are dashed, Moeyo compiles a list of the items to be available at this year’s BFCT, Getsumen Toheiki Miina is incarnated in an unusually becoming pair of prize figures, Yamato coughs up a couple of February releases, and Ignis is tripled.