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Another Post-Akiba Post

A long day in Akihabara today, under the pretext of checking out the Clayz Moe~ro Matsuri. Check back tomorrow for pictures, as well as a review of the second volume of Comp H’s, and one of Kaiyodo’s Peke-chan, if I can get my act together… (no more)

Type Moon, Nitro+ Collaboration Novel “Fate / Zero” On Sale at C71

The novel’s official site can be found here, along with a very fancy Flash intro. The writing will be handled by Urobuchi Gen of Nitro+, based on original work by Type Moon; not much information available yet as to the precise nature of the collaboration, but we’ll keep you posted. The volume will see initial release at Comic Market 71 on December 29 – 31, 2006. (no more)

Mainichi Junk: Figure News Roundup

In today’s update: A Mikuru waitress PVC from Atelier-Sai, Dokuro-chan gets traded, a gargantuan bunny girl from Daiki Kougyou, pictures of a raft of upcoming PVCs on exhibit courtesy of Moeyo, Tsukasa Jun scoops his own Megahouse Mizuki and Mariko Imai kits, Toranoana gets the PVC rights to Vispo’s Diana and Morte, Keumaya goes above and beyond the call of doujinshi duty, and Densha Otoko’s Miina gets a brace of trading figures.

Blade Engine ver. 2.0 Released, Echoes of Thunder Demo Online

Two bits of recent news on the OEL visual novel front: first we recieve word from the folks at CuriousFactory that version 2.0 of their commercially released Blade Engine is now available for free trial download, for those interested in creating their own games. For those wanting something to play, the Echoes of Thunder demo (built with ONScripter) is getting positive reviews over at Haeleth’s forum (thanks to rabidkimba for the news). I’ll throw in a shout out to Tom over at Ren’Py HQ for good measure, as I owe him a review and Ren’Py has the by far coolest name of the three English VN scripting engines currently available. (no more)

[ERO] Figure Review: Daiki Kougyou’s Sengoku Blade Koyori

Heisei Democracy returns to the world of figure reviews with the imposing work of artifice that is Daiki Kougyou’s Koyori PVC from Psikyo / X-nauts’ classic shooting game Sengoku Blade. How well does she stack up against her Megahouse-produced counterpart released last January, and is any PVC figure worth 15,000 yen? One man’s answer lies within. Caution: those offended by the sight of molded plastic breasts will not enjoy this post.

Back from Akihabara, Loot in Tow

In today’s update: A barebones loot report, pending further explication and review over the coming days. In other news: the Comiket 71 catalog is now up for preorder (going on sale December 2nd in print format and 9th as a CD-ROM), and Daiki Kougyou’s Koyori PVC is fucking huge.

[ERO] Anime Yagami Yuu Official Site Open, First Teaser Online

Anime On Demand has put an official site up for their December 21st release of Anime Yagami Yuu, an animated take on the heroine of Mink’s Yakin Byoutou 3 eroge. Concurrently, updates with a new promo page for the OVA, including a 1’16” teaser video (download link below the DVD cover image) that will no doubt appeal to fans of the shoe-clad appendage. (no more)

Saturday Morning Figure Roundup

In today’s update: maid cafe Pinafore gets a Megahouse action figure, Solid Theater gets a brace of stationery-themed mascots, we preview next weekend’s Clayz Moe~ro Matsuri (and how!), Konami distracts you from the desert of the real with its digital Diorama Studio, Maritan gets an online PX and a couple of Comiket figures, and other stuff you’ll just have to read to find out because it’s not worth mentioning here. or maybe it is…

Leaf Announces To Heart 2 Expansion “Another Days”

There’s nothing to know about it at this point beyond the name, though Moon Phase has listed its scoop in a purple font, indicating that it’s likely to a) be a PC game and b) contain ero elements. As anything with the words “to” “heart” and “2” in the title seems to be made of molten platinum these days this is one we’ll definitely be following. (no more)

[PVC] Bandai Presents Code Geass Karen, Buster Machine #7

Web shop Amiami updated yesterday with two new entries in Bandai’s Otome Damashii line of PVC figures: an as-yet unpainted cast of Karen from Code Geass, due out in February ’07, and Buster Machine #7 from Top wo Nerae! 2, slated for a March release. (no more)

Mainichi Junk: Erorama Weekly

In today’s update: Shingo has a heart-to-heart discussion with Japan about its love affair with small, white lolis flowers, a pair of new game announcements from Lilith, the week’s eroge release lineup courtesy of, demo movies from sexy teachers and sexy beaches, and a rumor that Sei Shoujo, the prodigial son behind Bible Black, Discipline, and Cleavage, may have a new game in the works.

Figure News: Polygonia Makes a Mikuru

Known for his superlative craftsmanship in the realm of garage kits and PVCs (recent releases include Wafuudou Ganguten‘s Tachibana Rei and Fujisawa Yayoi), sculptor Polygonia now turns his hand to a Magical Waitress Mikuru kit (from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuu-utsu, of course), pictures of which appeared recently on his work-in-progress BBS. While it’s still too early to say in what format she’ll ultimately be released, odds are good (at least 50/50, given recent trends) that we’ll see her in PVC sometime within the next 6-8 months. We’ll be keeping an eye open for the completed version, that’s for sure. (no more)

Mainichi Junk: Notes in Plastic

In today’s update: Max Factory’s Haruhi PVC is re-available for preorder in some locations, Yujin posts their January ’07 lineup, Eye Scream Elwin PVC details, Max’s Gun x Sword trading figures and Alter’s swimsuit Saber PVC now on sale, and other bits and bobs.

[ERO] Suzumiya Hahiru no Yuu-utsu JAV Ad Campaign Begins

From TMA, the folks who brought you Faith / stay knight, comes a cosplayriffic ero take on the adventures of everyone’s favorite ennui-laden heroine. On sale December 15th, Akiba Blog reports that the ad campaign has begun in earnest in various seedy Akibatic dives… I don’t know anyone who would find this remotely arousing, but it might be worth watching for the sheer campiness. (no more)

When You Think “Freedom”, Don’t Think Fries – Think Cup Noodle

News about an Otomo Katsuhiro-designed series of 3D animated Nissin Cup Noodle commercials has been out for awhile, but fresh news arrives today that the series plus additional material is to be combined into a 24-minute OVA on sale November 24th. Even better, Yahoo will be streaming it for free for a 72-hour period starting at noon (Tokyo standard time) on November 17th. Akira fans, this may be a dream come true… (no more)

[ERO] Scoops Latest Yakin Byoutou OVA

According to this post at, Anime Yagami Yuu will go on sale December 21st from the depraved minds at Soft on Demand‘s recently opened anime division. Yagame Yuu is the heroine of Mink’s Yakin Byoutou 3, released in late 2004, though from the screenshots in the post this new OVA seems more akin to its predecessor than to the game that inspired it. (no more)

[ERO] Iron Maiden Demo Movie (store display version) Online

Iron Maiden – Hagane no Otome – is on schedule for a November 24th release from G.J? sister brand Ole, and toward that end a new 2:12 minute demo movie is available for download from the game’s official site. The game can be ordered from Himeya here; fans of Gunner-L‘s improbably-bosomed heroines will certainly want to check this out. (no more)

Kotobukiya Announces Limited Edition Witchblade Masane PVC

According to this item newly posted to the Kotobukiya online shop, a Masane PVC figure is currently in production based on this Uno Makoto-penned illustration for Megami Magazine. Shots of the figure from various enticing angles are available here; it’s scheduled to be available in February of 2007 as an exclusive from Kotobukiya’s online and offline shops, but if it’s anything like their other recent “exclusives” it should see a general retail release soon enough. Tanoshimi~ (no more)

Getsumen Toheiki Miina Official Site Online

Tsukuda Mina is your average 17 year-old high school student / sports announcer for Luna TV. One day she’s scheduled to interview a sports star via satellite hookup, but it’s interrupted by sudden alien contact! What is the weighty mission with which she will be tasked? If it involves bunny ears and carrot-powered rocket engines, it’s got to be good. The official site for January 2007 launch TV anime Getsumen Toheiki Miina is now online! (no more)

Mainichi Junk: Beyond the Moedrome

In today’s update: the hobby news is strong with this one, containing event news from last Sunday’s G.K.ism garage kit expo, the upcoming Bishoujo Figure Convention Tokyo, and our first glimpse of Wonda and Reset’s new look for Wonder Festival Winter 2007. In addition: Daiki Kougyou’s enormous Koyori PVC gets a street date, more eroero Konomi swimsuit shots, clarification on Aniplex / Happinet / Alter’s Tsukino figure, and a blast from the past with Kimagure Orange Road.

Job Opening at J-List’s Isesaki Location

Have snappy writing, webbing, and graphic design skills? Currently living in Japan? Looking for a change of pace? Word on the street is that J-List wants you. (no more)

Mainichi Junk: Under the Wire

In today’s update: a batch of media news left over from the weekend, including Hayashibara Megumi’s return to the anisongverse, My Otome Zwei site updates, the scoop on Shinkai Makoto’s latest project (warning: the heartfulness quotient may make your head explode), and goods news from December Newtype sure to be of interest to fans of Suzumiya Haruhi and Welcome to the NHK.

Weekend Ero Update

In today’s update: we spotlight updates from six of the most highly-anticipated eroge of winter 2006, including G.J?’s Queen Bonjourno, Ail’s Majutai, Sunlight’s Torikaekko Shiyo!, Le Chocolat’s Moe Ero Onii-chan, Alice Soft’s Sengoku Rance, and Tactics’ Harem Party. There’s something here for just about every ero fan (if we throw in a loli or two), so stop by and check it out!

Saturday Morning Post: Media Side

In today’s update: online game Master of Epic gets an anime, we correct a misrepresentation of Sisters of Wellber (oh puns!), Tokyo Majin Gakuen gets a launch date, Ufotable updates its Manabi Straight site, and we tread cautiously on a new Haruhi anime rumor.

Kotobukiya’s Mirei-san PVC, in Color

A late-breaking figure update, courtesy of rq: Yamashita Shunya has updated his blog with photos of a completed color mock-up of Mirei-san, an original PVC figure of his design slated for release by Kotobukiya in the spring of 2007. Fans of all things sexy are urged not to give this one a miss. (no more)

Saturday Morning Post: Hobby Side

In today’s update: Orchid Seed supplements its PVC lineup with an impressively-bosomed Chichinoe kit, hopes for a PVC Bubba Haruhi are dashed, Moeyo compiles a list of the items to be available at this year’s BFCT, Getsumen Toheiki Miina is incarnated in an unusually becoming pair of prize figures, Yamato coughs up a couple of February releases, and Ignis is tripled.

Mainichi Junk: Rush Hour

In today’s update: A forced marriage between Avex and Production I.G. births the Sisters of Wellber, Gonzo tries its hand at a 9th grade English lesson staple, Mad House announces a Maple Story anime (may not be compatible with Firefox), the limited edition of NHK manga vol. 6 hits store shelves, Ayu Mayu Theater gets a DVD release, and figure updates from Kotobukiya, Alter, Toys Planning, and Gainax.

Mainichi Junk: Two is Company

In today’s update: 1985 giant robot anime Dancouga gets a 21st century makeover, Marimite shows its boyish (love) side, PS2 news from Simoun and Fate, Navel’s Really? Really! gets a demo movie (really!), Resort Boin is webbishly incarnated, scoops the week in eroge, Konami’s Mechamusume 3 site goes live, Alter’s Ignis hits store shelves, Shingo rants incoherently about the evils of Hobbyfan vis a vis Bubba’s Haruhi, and a round up of recent figure release news through next April.

Figure News (ERO): Yamato Doubutsu Nee-chan Chloe PVC Option Parts

The thumbnail says it all, and boy am I kicking myself right now. While it’s pretty obvious from the original PVC cast that it doesn’t contain removable parts, apparently Yamato was running a web-only deal for the full (half) monty option parts for what I can only assume is a swappable torso (uncensored version here). Orders were open through October 31st, though the full kit goes on sale in January… I wish us all luck at auction, my compatriots. ;__; [no more]

Mainichi Junk: Frosty Edition

In today’s update: Les Mis and Winter Garden anime updates, a REC PS2 game, a To Heart 2 OVA, Win-chan figure news, YUKI.N’s cardigan, a look at the production model of Solid Theater’s eroero maid PVC, the next round of Queen’s Blade books, and Shingo tries his hand at fan fiction.