In which last night’s post is somewhat explicated, and further delvings are made into various stuff and things, in categories such as Anime, Manga, Moe, Hobby, and Ero. I guess those are all the categories in this post!

Apologies for last night’s mediocre post; I didn’t have the time or brain power to adequately explain much of anything.

I did indeed go to Akihabara yesterday, after performing the limited amout of detox possible post-nomikai (Friday was the school festival, and Japanese teachers know how to PARTY HARD after such events), inflicting a haircut on myself and doing some laundry. This explains the late departure time, late return, and subsequent fatigue that led up to the post. Ahh, little details of personal life do wonders to freshen up a blog…

Now that that’s out of the way, the rest of what’s been going on:

After the spate of events that led up to ABC on Oct. 9 (three Tokyo visits over three weekends) my ass was pretty well kicked. The unkicking process has been slow and somewhat painful, but flush with the afterglow of yesterday’s profligate spending I’m geared up to extrude myself into the blogosphere once again. That, and the job interview later today, are providing plenty of motivation…

A few things that have been on my mind recently:


  • I marathoned Ouran last week, and it was good. It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen a show that was as much pure, unadulterated fun – the characters likeable, the writing clever, the animation quality uniformly deft (aside from one b-team episode), and Renge-sama on a HIGH POWER MOTOR – what’s not to like? Watching this has got me thinking anew about the usage of moe from the female perspective, and there may be an article brewing there somewhere… while using Ouran to analyze female moe is like using Comic Party to analyze doujin culture, I think it could serve as a decent if ham-fisted primer to the mind of the fujoshi.

    CONTROVERSIAL QUOTE: Fujioka Haruhi is far more adorable than her SOS-dan counterpart.

  • I’ve watched a few first episodes from new shows of the season, but nothing has really got me hooked. I think that’s more a problem with my addled wits than with the quality of what’s coming out right now; I resolve to watch more. My resolve is made of steel.
  • Marimite OVA screenshots! I was talking with a friend yesterday who remarked that unlike the TV series, the OVA is probably being aimed more at a male otaku audience, and I agree – the TV series aired in a Sunday morning shoujo timeslot, hardly the target market for a pricey OVA release. If this means we get more material like Sachiko-sama no kawaii negao, I’m all for it. :3


  • In the course of yesterday’s Akiba trek I noticed that Koume Keito, the illustrator of the new Kujibiki Unbalance manga, just put out a tankoubon of his recently serialized ero work. This is notable for two reasons: first, it illustrates the deeply intrenched and highly incestuous relationship between “legit” anime and manga and their adult-oriented counterparts in a rather spectacular way – usually newly-minted mainstream mangaka eschew their ero pasts upon going for the straight and narrow (Uno Makoto, WHYYYYY??? ;____;).

    Second, the tankoubon contains this image, and this one, and this one (thanks to danbooru for the latter two). Note: I’d advise against looking if you’re anywhere within a five block radius of your place of employment.

  • Memo memo: NHK volume 6 will be out on November 8th, complete with the (non-ero) eroge that Satou and Yamazaki have supposedly been designing for the past few years. Genshiken 9 will be out on December 22nd, the limited edition including a volume of doujinshi and drama CD (with Ogiue!). Time to mark (or re-mark) the calendars…


  • I haven’t been keeping up on figure news as I should, but the elephant in the room is certainly Max Factory’s Haruhi PVC, due out in February. Apparently most stores, both online and brick and mortar, opened and closed the preorder window on this item with astounding speed – nowhere I visited in Akiba yesterday was accepting reservations, and Hobby Stock isn’t either. Those desirous will either have to hit auctions or hit the pavement bright and early on a release day that looks to mirror a minor console debut…
  • A fresh scoop from rq: the Kotobukiya shop will be putting out a Yamashita Shunya-designed “Mirei-san” PVC figure next spring. Looks delicious.

Mirei-san BUST UP


  • December’s edition of Dengeki Moeoh was recently released, and comes with a deck of “otona no trump” cards – playing cards with moe moe panty shots from various famous artists on every single one. I haven’t broken mine out yet, but a review will be coming shortly – this has the potential to be the best Moeoh extra yet. :3


  • The next few months will be like wandering into a minefield full of delicious eroge, a minefield that targets only my wallet. The titles I’m most anticipating at this point are, in roughly chronological order: Tactics’ Harem Party, Ole’s Iron Maiden, G.J?’s Queen Bonjourno, and Alice Soft’s Sengoku Rance. All of their respective pages have been recently updated with various enticing goodies, so those interested are urged to poke around a bit.
  • Also worthy of mention is MBS Truth’s Boku to Nakadashi Jokyoushi, notable for its designs coming from the same artist who did Jokei Kazoku ~Inbou~. The coloring staff makes all the difference, unfortunately, and MBS Truth’s artists don’t do nearly the justice to the designs that the Silkys folks did…
  • In eroanime, the second episode of Cranberry’s Ma ga Ochiru Yoru was released on Friday and playing in various seedy dives in Akiba yesterday. Looks to be quality stuff. Also released last Friday (the 27th) was Lilith sister brand Pixy‘s third foray into bargain-priced eroanime, the first episode of Tokumu Sousakan Rei & Fuuko. At half the price of a standard eroanime OVA of equivalent length it’s a tempting proposition.
  • In the world of doujinshi, venerable mangaka Mikoshiro has outdone himself in the production of Jadouou 2006: Witchblade. If anyone could channel Uno Makoto’s true intent for the series, he would be it… pretty bizarre stuff, so don’t click if that’s not your thing. Also, while I’m not going to be remarking on it too heavily here, my personal circle site is now up and running. Again: bizarre /d/ material alert. It’s probably not your thing.

    To those who expressed interest in picking up a copy of the book I put out at Sunshine Creation – thanks, but I really can’t justify inflicting my terrible scribbles on you. Here’s an alternate proposal: when I put out something with a production value I can be proud of, I’ll send it to you with a copy of the first book as omake (should any sort of interest still persist). My next circle event will be early next year, most likely.

And that’s a wrap for this morning’s (highly subjective) coverage – expect some slightly less me-based updates coming in later hours/days/weeks.

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