Say hello to Demo-tan.

You're under election!

You’re Under Election!

The folks over at Clockwork Machina have been at it for awhile, and boy was it worth the wait. The diabolical trio of Will, Kohei and Junpei have outdone themselves here with their smashing rendition of Demo-tan, now gracing the header as if she was born to be there.

Who is Demo-tan, I hear you asking! And what does it mean to be under election? All will be revealed in time, never fear – needless to say she’s not the only one who will be competing for your affection as mascot, should plans for her webcomic gather steam. And gather steam they will. Clockwork Machina is in the midst of finishing off designs for the other major protagonists, and Ayaseine has tentatively agreed to work on the comic, so provided we can all get synchronized there’s a bright future ahead for our intrepid heroine.

In the meantime, I think I’ll continue the happy dance I’ve been doing ever since this image arrived in my email box… Thanks again to Clockwork Machina for the selfless and entirely non- compensatory hard work they’ve put into this. You guys ROCK.