…but not in a format anyone expected. Read on for the scoop, fresh slightly stale from the pages of today’s Afternoon! This is as official as it gets, folks.

Via Karoshi and the Light Otaku Diary:

Kujibiki Unbalance will be airing starting this October, and today’s (September 25th) edition of Afternoon magazine saw the publication of the first chapter of the accompanying Kujian manga.

Today’s scoop, revealed in the pages of Afternoon, is that Genshiken will in fact continue in animated form – but as a special add on to the Kujian DVD box releases, not as a TV series in itself. The Light Otaku Diary describes the release as mirroring that of the Kujian OVA when it originally came bundled with the R2 release of Genshiken two years ago, right down to the (very steep) price tag of 14,490 yen per box (a box containing four episodes of Kujian and one of Genshiken, for a total of three new Genshiken episodes and 12 episodes of Kujian over three boxes).

No word yet on a release date for the first DVD box, but I’ll be picking up Afternoon on the way home today and revise this post should additional details be forthcoming.

At this point, all I can say is: and here I thought I was through spending on overpriced Genshiken anime…