A few of the weekend’s anime notes, courtesy of Moon Phase.

  • Agent Aika is getting a remastered release and a new OVA series, both due out in 2007
  • The official site for the Getsumen Toheiki Miina TV anime is now open, slated to air in January ’07
  • A TV anime version of Devil May Cry will be airing on WOWOW in the spring of 2007
  • The official site for TV anime Ghost Hunt is now online, with the launch date set for October 3rd

I spent yesterday working on concepts for the doujinshi I need to cobble together over the coming week in time to sell at next weekend’s Sunshine Creation. Today was spent on a Tokyo trek, stopping by Akihabara briefly before meeting friends in Ikebukuro to catch a movie (X-Men 3, entertaining though decidedly mediocre compared with 2) and talk some otaku business. The longer I spend here the more I find myself internalizing the reality of otakudom as a business, one with which it is hard to avoid a sort of morbid fascination… the “cottage industry” nature of the whole thing intersects at odd angles with broader corporate interests, and the personalities and motives of those involved are more varied and colorful than the mold colony currently growing on the mystery meat in the back of my fridge.

More on that later. I’ll try to log daily posts this week, but given the event prep insanity ahead they may be short…