Yesterday was the official street date for several monthly eroge magazines, and it shows this morning in the backwash of online updates posted at Moonphase and elsewhere. HD brings the lowdown on several new titles and updates on a few old ones – hold on to your pants if you have them, it’s a bit of a rough ride ahead.

Queen Buon Giorno

Queen Buon Giorno is the official title of G.J?’s upcoming release, its site URL cleverly changed from what it had been prior to being actually “official”. No matter, as luscious Sano Toshihide-designed content is now present in spades for our perusal.

The centerpiece of said content is certainly the image movie now available (I’d recommend grabbing it from one of the mirrors at Holyseal), which provides as much visual tease for the game as is present anywhere right now.

But I get ahead of myself – from the various taglines, images and bits of text flashed around the site it’s possible to cobble together a basic feel for the game’s plot. Its English tagline is “The Story of Queens and School girls for 1000 Years”, and the Japanese on the portal page to the various timelines reads “If we were reborn, would you marry me?” and “A story of love and desire that remains unchanged over 1,000 years” and “if it were you, which heroine…”

Sounds like we’re in for a fine romance.

Iron Maiden

A quick jaunt down the block to G.J?’s sister brand Ole offers up a demo movie (Holyseal recommended for download) and a street date (November 24th) for their new Gunner L-designed mechamusume AVG, Iron Maiden.

We’ve covered this title here before, and it doesn’t bear much more, erm, fleshing out – the genre is “mecha and girls and breasts school AVG”, for crying out loud. This is one you’ll either love or hate; bosoms of that size don’t allow for ambivalence.


INO alert! After a respite of several months from the four releases he designed nearly simultaneously last year (one, two, three, four), INO’s clean and fetching designs have surfaced in the employ of Caligula’s latest title, Alea.

There’s not much information about the game available yet (unless you read the story section of the site, but hah! who reads those things?), however there are sample CG, which is all it needs to get my vote for inclusion here.

Kamen no Goumonshi

A demo movie (go go Holyseal) is now online for Black Lilith’s Kamen no Goumonshi,the game itself to be available for purchase via download on September 24th. I find the Aikawa Arisa designs to be quite fetching, though as is typical with Black Lilith the game’s content is rather on the hardcore side. See also: Game Style’s coverage.

Hitozuma Sentai Aisaiger Powered

Hitozuma Sentai Aisaiger Powered is Discovery’s newly announced sequel to the original Hitozuma Sentai Aisaiger, released last year. From the sample CG it seems we’re in for more of the same colorful wife-combat-team wackiness that came with the first game.

And that’s a wrap for this morning. This just scratches the surface of eroge content that’s been unleashed onto the internets recently, so expect further updates soon – as well as treatment of more work-safe topics. Figure fans, thanks for bearing with all this nonsense… I’m also trying to work up some sort of quasi-intellectual post in the near future, as HD is nothing if not an evil hive of sophistry and punditism. Something about “otaku”, most likely. Or maybe “tsundere”. Is “hate” the new “love”?