The moment all men and women of good (yuri) will have been waiting for since its second season ended in September 2004 (was it that long ago?), the official Marimite site updates with firm release dates for the surprisingly long 3rd Season OVA. Thorough scoopage inside!

Okaerinasai, onee-sama.

From the goods section of

Dubbed Maria-sama ga Miteru: 3rd Season, the OVA will be released in five 50-minute volumes over the next 10 months. The first volume, entitled Kohitsujitachi no Kyuuka (“Holiday of the Lambs”), will go on sale November 29th in two editions: collector’s (limited) and standard.

The collector’s edition will come with a special box, a set of postcards, volume-specific “memorial goods” (a pressed-leaf bookmark and book cover, in this case), an episode of Maria-sama ni wa Naisho, a seiyuu audio commentary, and a retail price of 9,240 yen.

The first pressing of the standard edition will come with a Hibiki Reine-illustrated “book case” and postcard, as well as the Maria-sama ni wa Naisho episode, and will retail at 6,300 yen.

It should be noted that the volume’s title (Kohitsujitachi no Kyuuka) is also the name of one of the volumes of the original novel, from which the episodes’ content will presumably be taken.

Subsequent volumes will follow this release pattern, with collector’s and standard editions coming out for each. Current release dates for the remaining four volumes in the series, as well as links to their companion novels, are as follows:

  • Vol. 2: Ryakushite OK Daisakusen (The Abbreviatable Grand Strategy), January 31st, 2007 – this volume has no single companion novel, hence the abbreviatability (venturing into dangerous linguistic territory here…)
  • Vol. 3: Ryoufuu Satsu-satsu (The Rustling Breeze), March 28th, 2007
  • Vol. 4: Ready, GO!, May 30th, 2007
  • Vol. 5: Ciao Solera!, July 25th, 2007

Will fifty minute installments be enough to spawn two month’s worth of salacious yuri gossip to tide us over between releases? Only time will tell… I’m just happy to hear that we’re getting the equivalent of 10 new episodes out of the deal.