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Newtype = lies. Edit: HD = lies.

Or at least base deceit in the service of pushing a few magazines. Further information from the internal pages of September’s issue tell us that all bets are off…

Negative Campaign Winners Announced

With forums membership at 101 and counting, the results are in! Check this post to see if you’re one of the ten winners, and if you are, email me with your priority list and postal address within three days to claim your prize.

NEWS FLASH: Haruhi Season 2 announced(?!)

September Newtype breaks the scoop, details sparse as of yet. HD will continue coverage as events unfold. Edit: oops.

Editor’s Desk: We’ve Arrived (and to prove it we’re here)

The new incarnation of Heisei Democracy is officially open for business! Various corners are still under construction, so mind the hanging I-beams and flailing traffic-conductor Excel as we take you on a quick tour of what the new site has to offer.

Creator Spotlight: Momo Pax

In the first installment of HD’s new Creator Spotlight feature we interview doujin game developers’ duo Momo Pax, who provide us with details (and exclusive screenshots!) from their upcoming STG/ADV hybrid Soft Landing, along the way answering questions about the creative process and fandom that keeps them moving forward. Fans of Touhou and side scrolling shooters, check it out!

Heisei Democracy Negative Campaign

In commemoration of HD’s relaunch there’s a party in the forums, and if you’re reading this, you’re invited! Create a forums account now and you might win some super cool stuff – check out the full post for more info. [EDIT] The contest is now closed. Thanks to everyone who registered!

Tokyo Teleport Station: The Great UCC Conspiracy

Ace investigator Seiya represents today with the first installment of Tokyo Teleport Station, an item that (we hope) will become a regular column here at HD. In it he’ll be covering everything from the etiquette of watching pornography in a capsule hotel to the proper way to break into Tokyo’s Gainax HQ (AT Field optional), but today he deals with a far more pressing issue: canned coffee. And you thought the NHK was a conspiracy…