We continue delving into the eroge backlog today with looks at several games coming just around the corner: fantasy, sci-fi, tsundere, bloomers, little sisters, big sisters, milfs, and tentacles are just a few of the genres that make an appearance. Also in today’s column: two denpariffic music scoops, and a list of up and coming titles so new that many of them don’t fall beyond “it would be a nice idea if…” status. Ero ero yo~!

amatsu demo movie online

  • A demo movie is now online for Atelier Kaguya’s September 29th release of Amatsu, mentioned in the last ero update as “that game with the hot designs”. The movie certainly does not disappoint in this regard, and fans of darkish quasi-Japanese fantasy tales would be well served to check it out (I recommend one of the mirrors over at Holyseal for your downloading needs).

the cast of baldr bullet revellion

  • Baldr Bullet REVELLION has been cooking on Giga’s stove for awhile now, and September 29th is finally going to see the game’s release. Check out the kickin’ rad new opening movie that’s now online, along with the sample CG, and tell me that doesn’t get your blood pumping…


  • While we’re scooping titles due for a September 29th release we would be remiss not to check in with Micro’s CooL!!, the game so tsundere the girls look pissed at you when they’re sleeping, eating, breathing, and possibly dead. There’s no video available as of yet, but plenty of sample CG – click only if you can withstand the glares of pure hatred until they turn into moist-eyed rabu^2 beams.


  • Moe’s Imouto Buruma 2 will be out on September 1st, and with a name like that it’s got to be good. Sample CG are here and here, the demo movie is here, and the bloomers are… well, everywhere. Not much more to say about this one. [EDIT] WATCH THE DEMO.

classmate no okaa-san

  • The chief merit of what we at HD have loosely dubbed the “Simple 2000” class of eroge (those retailing between 1,500 and 3,000 yen) is that they inevitably get straight to the point. Guilty+’s Classmate no Okaa-san is promising to stick true to the trend, beginning with the protagonist confessing his love to his teacher (who happens to be the mother of his classmate) and continuing from there with [sample CG] and a demo movie. It’s now on sale in download format, with a package version coming on August 25th.

kinki kids

  • Kanojotachi no Kinki is FlyingShine’s tale of a popular high school student and the gang of women who make him their slave – and vice versa, it seems. Those in for the dark tale of a schoolboy switch might be interested in the sample CG now available [further visuals]; the game goes on sale September 1st.

Music Side


  • Denpatastic singer U (Yuu) released a new single at Comiket 70 entitled Mighty Love, mp3 samples of which are now available for download from Gpara.com. Samples of her earlier work are avaliable from Galge.com here; she’s also done the OP themes for Front Wing’s Djibril games, and their upcoming Megachu! (opening movie available here).

megane de, ne?

  • Current reigning denpa overlords MOSAIC.WAV are at it again, this time with their third maxi single, Megane de Ne!. A short version of the title track is available for download here, and the album goes on sale September 8th (though it was out in prerelease at Comiket 70).

New Official Sites / Release Announcements

Tentacle Side

tentacles on a plane

  • Last year’s Inyouchuu was a runaway hit for TinkerBell among Japanese tentacle fans. As a result it’s being followed up with Inyouchuu: Shoku, due out on August 25th; sample CG are available here, here, and here, and a demo movie is here. Worth picking up for the art alone? You decide…


  • Slated for an October 27th release, Black Cyc’s Extravaganza ventures into even darker territory than Inyouchuu, so consider yourself warned before clicking on the sample CG here. I’ve never played a Black Cyc game, but Elizar speaks highly of them – might be worth checking out for those into intense psychological horror.

mahou shoujo mana

And that’s a wrap. Still a lot to catch up on in the ero department, but we’re getting there…