Hayashibara Megumi stars in her first lead role in a non-theatrical anime since 2002’s Tenshi na Konamaiki, and possibly her most Rei-like role since… well, Rei.

According to the show’s official site, Hayashibara Megumi will take the lead role of Ruun Ballot in Gonzo’s upcoming Range Murata-designed three part Mardock Scramble OVA. A glance at the teaser reveals a voiceover that (assuming it’s her) sounds a lot more like Rei than anything we’ve heard in awhile, and with the blood pouring down the gun barrel bit at the end there (not to mention the repetition of the phrase “I love you… I love you… because I love you, I want to break you…”) we may be heading for a nice little head trip here. Certainly a title I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Speaking of head trips and Hayashibara Megumi, according to her Japanese Wikipedia entry She’ll be starring as Paprika in the 2007 Madhouse/Sony theatrical production of Paprika. I’m glad to see she’s still doing seiyuu work after all these years; she’s certainly a master of the craft, and could teach a lot of these recent upstarts a thing or two about it.