Or at least base deceit in the service of pushing a few magazines. Further information from the internal pages of September’s issue tell us that all bets are off…

While the cover of September’s Newtype hypes its inner content with the phrase “Haruhi isn’t over yet?!” It goes on to say nothing about any future work in production, instead merely pimping the “all new” content of the internal article (an interview with the producer and director of the series and pictures of location comparisons(?)).

This is further corroborated by pages from the inner article (here and here, thanks to flou’s post in comments for the heads up and to SOS-dan for the files), which say nothing about any new work in production (unless it’s in the interview somewhere, but that doesn’t seem likely).

Apologies for the mishyping; given the way the magazine’s cover presents the issue I jumped to entirely unfounded conclusions. Fie on you Newtype! Fie, I say! To clarify, the current status of Haruhi season two is, as I understand it, unchanged: that is to say, it may happen. This issue of Newtype indicates nothing to confirm or deny its possible production.

From the internal article:


“In response to your burning calls of “encore!”, Haruhi has returned! The TV series may be over, but we’re still psyched, so [illegible], come along with us! Suzumiya Haruhi and the SOS-dan are immortal forever!”

…in short, this was not a story. Probably. As far as I can tell at this point.


A fine way to usher in the new era of HD news coverage…