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Magazine Review: Megami vol. 77

The October 2006 edition of Megami Magazine hit the racks yesterday. HD takes a look inside, bringing the hard-hitting, incisive coverage the topic so richly deserves. SOS-dan: hold on to your pants.

New KimiNozo Spinoff

News of a new Kimi ga Nozomu Eien spin-off has surfaced, with a particularly dodgy rumor surrunding the possible plot.

Moegaku Portable Release Announced

Studio Sagittarius teams up with Idea Factory to bring the (in)famous English lesson / dating sim hybrid to the small screen. Whether it will fare any better there than in its PC incarnation is highly doubtful…

Genshiken: The Saga Continues

Just when it seemed Kio Shimoku’s tale of otaku life and love would be content to go gently into the night with the recent release of volume 8 of the manga, news comes very much to the contrary. HD sums up what we know about the newly-announced volume 9, the additions present in volume 8, and wild speculation about how this all just might be building to the elusive second season of Genshiken anime.

Editor’s Desk: Back to Work

In which Shingo goes back to work, and HD goes back to regular updates.

GTE – Great Detective Evangelion

Evangelion just won’t die. Or rather, Gainax won’t let it. A new Eva game comes to PS2 in November. Same characters, same cast but with an Agatha Christie twist…

Pure Love Renaissance Review : KyoAni ‘Kanon Prelude’

In the final in this gushy, over-the-top (according to your e-mails), Kanon worship series, Shipon scoops the entire universe with fresh screencaps from today’s release of the Kanon Prelude DVD.

Wanfesu 2006 Summer New Release Announcements: Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya‘s Wonder Festival contribution consisted mostly of kits already slated for release in the coming months, but they did provide a few new items worth watching for toward the end of the year and into the beginning of ’07. Catch up on their selections from Fate, Nanoha, Da Capo II, Pia Carrot, the Tales series, and more.

Wanfesu 2006 Summer New Release Announcements: Alter

Alter had some fine new items on display at Wonder Festival, among which were selections from Ghost in the Shell, Fate, Pani Poni Dash, School Rumble, Zero no Tsukaima, Black Lagoon, Honey and Clover, and more. HD even got some pictures this time – check it out!

Wanfesu 2006 Summer New Release Announcements: Max Factory

Max Factory represented at Wonder Festival with new announcements from the loli world of Kodomo no Jikan, confirmations of several Gun x Sword items, a well-appointed Emma (of the Victorian Romance variety), entries from the SOS-dan in the form of Haruhi and YUKI.N, and several other pending releases sure to amaze and delight.

Wanfesu 2006 Summer New Release Announcements: Goodsmile Company

HD’s parsing of Wonder Festival release announcements begins with a rundown of upcoming offerings from Goodsmile, including some fantastic new items from the Samurai Spirits franchise, Nanoha A’s, Type Moon, Mabinogi, Pangya, Muv Luv, and Boy Meets Girl.

Pure Love Renaissance : Kanon – The Diversification

Wherein Shipon continues to follow the path of Kanon from its origins as a PC eroge to the upcoming KyoAni anime incarnation, discusses deformity in animation and tells it like it is, ghetto-style.

Event Report: Wonder Festival 2006 Summer

HD dishes the dirt on Japan’s premiere amateur hobby convention, reporting on the Triad, Hirano Aya, and more exquisitely painted pieces of polyresin than you could possibly shake a stick at. We’ll be cataloguing the event’s lineup of new industry releases in forthcoming days, but our coverage starts now with the gateway to garage kit paradise.

Back from Wanfesu

And I’m dead tired. Full coverage begins tomorrow.

Preliminary Chara-Hobby Fallout

The annual C3 Chara x Hobby convention began yesterday, August 19th, and while it continues today news from the event has already begun leaking its way into the press. HD presents a roundup of what we know so far. Check for Megahouse figure news, new “Rocket Girls” anime, new VOTOMS, and more!

Event Preview: Wonder Festival Summer 2006

This post is a big Rei face. No, really. It is.

Today in H

We continue delving into the eroge backlog today with looks at several games coming just around the corner: fantasy, sci-fi, tsundere, bloomers, little sisters, big sisters, milfs, and tentacles are just a few of the genres that make an appearance. Also in today’s column: two denpariffic music scoops, and a list of up and coming titles so new that many of them don’t fall beyond “it would be a nice idea if…” status. Ero ero yo~!

Pre-Wanfesu Figure Roundup

In which we catch up on a bit of figure news from the past week leading up to tomorrow’s Wonder Festival. Several hot items are now on sale, including Kotobukiya’s new costume Saber PVC, Goodsmile’s Melissa Serafi from Waga Mama Capriccio, and a couple of [ERO] cold cast kits from Griffon’s Ikkitousen lineup; new release announcements are dominated by Atelier-Sai’s bunny girl Mikuru, but Movic represents with a decent Fate-chan as well. Further pre-Wanfesu news coming soon!

Eroge Newswire

Several interesting ero items have come across the HD newsdesk over the past couple of months, and we take the time today to touch on a few of them in the endless quest to attain some sort of “timeliness” in “reporting”. Take a gander for info on the latest game in Alice Soft’s Rance series, the next up and coming Akiba-kei otaku love sim, Yakin Byoutou’s latest expansion, catgirl princesses, bloomers, and a whole section of futanari.

Mardock Scramble OVA Main Cast Announced, Hayashibara Megumi Stars

Hayashibara Megumi stars in her first lead role in a non-theatrical anime since 2002’s Tenshi na Konamaiki, and possibly her most Rei-like role since… well, Rei.

Comiket 70 Event Report, Day 3: Of Herbs and Smoked Cheese

In which Shingo details the latter half of HD’s Comiket 70 adventure, skipping the second day and boldly proceeding to chronicle Sunday’s (eroday’s) madness. And food. Mmm, smoked herb cheese… and pineapple hamburger curry. And doujinshi. Lots and lots of doujinshi.

Comiket 70 Event Report, Day 1: Shigoiteyaru!!

August 11th 2006 was the first day of Comic Market 70, and HD was there – in multiple incarnations. This is Shingo’s story, in which you’ll find a good deal less Kanon than in Shipon’s offering, but a good deal more of Maritan telling you to masturbate. Also: video from a train station, industry loot pictures, and a mini-review of Toranoana’s newly opened Cafe With Cat. HD’s hot hot Comiket coverage continues!

Pure Love Renaissance Review : C70 Kanon Premiere Pack

A look at the Kanon Premier Pack that KyoAni & TBS released at Comiket 70.

Pure Love Renaissance Post-Con Report : Comiket 70

Shipon takes a break from his busy schedule of crying into the empty darkness to report on a first time trip to Comiket involving chance Pictochat encounters, child exploitation cosplay & the very obvious result of a stupid action.

Tokyo Teleport Station: The Secret World of Japanese Cosplay

In this week’s installment of Tokyo Teleport Station Seiya peels back the slick veneer of the Japanese metropolis to reveal its gritty underbelly: organized cosplay.

Figure Scoop: Solid Theater PVC Release Schedule ’06-’07

Solid Theater had several prototypes of figures in their release pipeline for late ’06 into the summer of ’07 on display in their industry booth at Comiket 70 yesterday, and today HD brings you the first images of some of the items likely to be on our minds (and in our wallets) through the coming months. Warning: scantily clad (ero) PVC ahead.

Pre-C70 Notes

If our event coverage we were any more cutting-edge we’d slice our fingers open, drop the knife, stumble, and impale ourselves on the upturned blade – lengthwise – before dying a slow painful death of blood loss!

Blade Engine Released, English Visual Novel Scene Explodes

…or has the potential to, at least. Good news (though rather late on the scoop) today for those interested in creating their own visual novels, or just seeing the process in action: CuriousFactory, in partnership with Japanese game developer Buredo, has released the first edition of their Blade Engine visual novel development tool in English. Even better, it’s free.

Pure Love Renaissance: The ‘Kanon’ Saga Begins

With the upcoming Kyoto Animation remake of the original Toei Kanon anime series, Shipon launches his column by diving into the history of Key’s wunder-property in a series tracing it from origins in PC Gaming to the impending anime release.

Figure News Update

We begin catching up on figure news today with a raid on the past week of Hobbynet listings, and come away with a few hot items: a great Cagalli PVC from Megahouse in the works, a second item in their Tsukasa Bullet lineup, late fall/winter listings from Alter (and a PVC version of Orchid Seed’s Ignis… why did I buy the resin again?), updated release dates for several old items and a roster of things now on sale (topped by Kaiyodo’s succulent Masane from Witchblade). Heisei-era figure coverage is back!