In today’s (first) update: A good batch of figure news in from Hobbynet, including the first scheduled releases of the 2007 calendar year in the form of various Figure Mate sets from Konami (Haruhi and Mechamusume represent!). Also on the plate are December releases in the Busou Shinki lineup that help us understand where the figure/game hybrid may be going, Kaiyodo’s Revoltec King Gainer (I need a King Gainaaaa~), a bunch of hot resin kits, a couple of miscellaneous PVCs, and a better look at Yujin’s Suigintou.

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  • E3 Staff’s Yukino collection may look good at this resolution, but given the maker’s previous track record it might be prudent to hold off on preorders until the finished product is available and has been reviewed by a disinterested third party. To those who clicked on the above link, thinking it couldn’t be that bad: you have my condolences.
  • Despite the atrocious resolution of the images for the December release Busou Shinki expansion items, some useful information can be gleaned from the item descriptions Hobbynet provides – particularly interesting is the fact that the Tsugaru weapon set add-on comes with a “Busou Shinki access code”. If access to the online sandbox were predicated on owning one of the character figures to which you would then append virtual accessories online there would be no need for an access code to come with the hardware acessories, so my current theory is that you gain mod options for the online iteration of your character by purchasing physical add-ons and entering their codes into your online profile, thus enabling your online character to mimic the physical appearance of the one you’ve built/modded from physical parts you purchased.

    This seems like a decent solution to me, especially if the game is based more on skill than on cash outlay (i.e. you could win even with the basic hardware that comes with buying a single kit). Details are still scant, but we’ll keep you updated as further official information comes online.