Kadokawa Shoten weighed in on June 30th with the pilot issue of Comp H’s (the “H” is for “heroine”), a new poster magazine in the mold of the venerable Megami. Being the imprint of choice for titles such as Haruhi and NHK ni Youkoso (not to mention Evangelion, Keroro Gunsou, etc.), will the upstart be able to grab significant market share – and more importantly, how do its contents stack up against its only rival (now that Dengeki Animaga appears defunct)? It’s Haruhi cover vs. Haruhi cover in a battle to the pain (of your wallet)!

in the battle of the bishoujo mags, who will reign supreme?!

The two magazines side by side, with extras

Megami Magazine vol. 75, August 2006

Comp H’s vol. 1, August 2006

Misaki love!

HD Verdict: Kadokawa makes a strong showing in this first issue, bringing a welcome addition to their periodical line of Shounen Ace (home to the abovementioned Eva, Keroro, NHK, and the Haruhi manga), Comp Ace (a quarterly featuring bishoujo game manga spinoffs), Sneaker Bunko (the light novel serial magazine where the Haruhi novels originally appeared), and Comptiq (a bishoujo game magazine focusing on renai and junai titles). Whether H’s will be a permanent addition to the lineup or a one-off special to capitalize on the Haruhi boom has yet to be seen, but any prospect of a Megami competitor (or supplement, given my compulsive purchasing habits) is a Good Thing.

Coming around the bend from HD eventually (a random list of potential post topics): collected thoughts on Haruhi post-14, Summer ’06 anime rundown, and an in-depth profile of Welcome to the NHK. Will it be a worthy successor to the Haruhi time slot? Here’s hoping…