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Magazine Review: Megami vol. 76

The scans have already made the rounds of 4chan and danbooru, but for the curious HD presents a sequential rundown of this month’s two-dimensional swimsuit issue. A midsummer night’s dream indeed – SOS-dan take note!

Trip Report: Travellers of Moe, Burger, and Porn

In which three men embark on an existential journey to the darkest heart of Akiba and come away laden with goods, yet unable to answer the question burning in their minds: where is the moe in Moe Burger?

Mainichi Junk: Odoru Aka-chan Ningen

In today’s update: we rock in summer vacation with a whirlwind tour of random media newsbits from the past few days, and a roundup of figure news. The least moe thumbnail image ever? You decide.

Mainichi Junk: Moepalooza

In today’s (first) update: A good batch of figure news in from Hobbynet, including the first scheduled releases of the 2007 calendar year in the form of various Figure Mate sets from Konami (Haruhi and Mechamusume represent!). Also on the plate are December releases in the Busou Shinki lineup that help us understand where the figure/game hybrid may be going, Kaiyodo’s Revoltec King Gainer (I need a King Gainaaaa~), a bunch of hot resin kits, a couple of miscellaneous PVCs, and a better look at Yujin’s Suigintou.

Mainichi Junk: Busou Shinki, Comiket Special, Figure Fiesta

In today’s update: as Comiket 70 approaches we take the day to round up some recent newsbits on the subject. Also: 1978 in Comiket history, a promising multimedia mechamusume project from Konami, and some miscellaneous figure and ero news. Note that this excerpt, while essentially accurate, is rather topsy-turvy in its reflection of actual post content (read: lots of surprising awesomeness). It’s one of those days…

An Open Letter to Jun Hongo

In which HD takes issue with an article recently published in the News section of the Japan Times, under the title “Porn ‘anime’ boasts a big US beachhead”.

Mainichi Junk: Hobbynet Figure Roundup

In today’s update: we catch up on figure release announcements, leading with (old) news from Kotobukiya that their venerable Yomiko Readman kit will finally be seeing the light of day as a PVC. Also: Toranoana does the Re2200 mechamusume, we get updated pictures of several previously announced kits, and a tasty Masane from Orchid Seed (resin only at this point, alas).

Anime Review: Welcome to the NHK ep. 1

Irrational exhuberance and snap judgements regarding new (anime, game, manga) titles are a HD hallmark, but in this post we break down the initial spasm of NHK-induced glee into a more nuanced position. Is the show really a worthy successor to Haruhi’s time slot?

Magazine Review: Megami 75 vs. Comp H’s 1

Kadokawa Shoten weighed in on June 30th with the pilot issue of Comp H’s (the “H” is for “heroine”), a new poster magazine in the mold of the venerable Megami. Being the imprint of choice for titles such as Haruhi and NHK ni Youkoso (not to mention Evangelion, Keroro Gunsou, etc.), will the upstart be able to grab significant market share – and more importantly, how do its contents stack up against its only rival (now that Dengeki Animaga appears defunct)? It’s Haruhi cover vs. Haruhi cover in a battle to the pain (of your wallet)!