A pictoral journey into the heart of Akiba in search of the elusive Moe Burger.

exiting the JR train station, we walk toward Electric Town’s main street (Chuuoh Doori)

crossing the main street near Club Sega, we head toward the winding maze of alleys behind the arcade

one of said alleys. It is shortly after 4:00 pm on Tuesday, June 27th

Akiba Maid Deli (Moe Burger) FIND – but wait, what is this?!



Yes, it appears that the burger joint is currently “pre-open”, a status differing from “fully open” only in that one day a week (Tuesday) the shop is closed. Probably should have read the site a bit more thoroughly before setting out… ah well, there will be other opportunities to eat overpriced hamburgers served by girls in maid uniforms in the future.

My anthropological ambitions for the day thwarted, I proceeded to buy a bunch of crap (aside from the maids, what else is there to do in Akiba?) most of which will end up as FABULOUS PRIZES in a little giveaway planned for the new HD site launch.

Speaking of plans, I was hoping to get an additional news update out this morning, however my finicky internet connection has decreed that this not be the case. If shallow physiological demands for “sleep” do not interfere I’ll try to get something in after work; for now, here is a crappy sketch of a poster for AKIHABARA: THE MUSICAL, coming to Broadway stages near you in 2008 (capital infusion pending).


If they can fling a cow in Spamalot, surely the props wizards can build a 30-foot tentacle monster capable of snarling meido in its prehensile appendages!