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Akihabara Wars: The Maid-dom Menace

In which HD ponders the merits of meidoculture, delves a bit into Akiba history, and comes up gasping and sputtering for breath. Maids in Akihabara: can there be too much of a good thing?

Mainichi Junk: Puchi Figure Update Edition

In today’s update: The latest from Yujin (an original “Natsuki” figure that looks a bit like My HiME’s Natsuki, only all growed up), Kaiyodo (Bome does DOA’s Kasumi, twice), Gigapulse (more crappy ero Nagisa figures, yay), and the not-so-latest from Goodsmile and Max Factory (Hetare Saber, Fate Testarossa, Ryougi Shiki, Kotona Elegance, Elwin). This post brought to you by the society for the promotion of the word “puchi” in post titles!