In today’s update: the SOS-dan represents, a gun-maid entry in the Simple 2000 series of PS2 games, musings on mechamusume, new wackiness from Production IG (and drooling over Kaze no Moribito), the first NHK anime production image known to man, and miscellaneous ero news (Milky Anime updates, Iinchou wa Shounin Sezu!).


  • Vote for your favorite cut from Haruhi episodes 5 and 6!
  • The Kyoani staff talk about their favorite parts of episode 8, here discussing the work that went into the live action bits (and just whose legs those are).
  • Recent Haruhi magazine appearances can be found here (Megami not included).

Media Side

  • Maids. With guns. On the PS2. For 2,100 yen. In August.
  • Kogado studio presents a “light strategy” mechamusume PC game by the name of Gadget Trial, due out on June 23rd. The designs are a bit too roundy for me, and the modification choices are pretty limited… I think the general concept has potential, though. You know what I want to see? A polygon-based arena fighting game where you start by customizing your mechamusume a la Galactic Civilizations II spaceship editor, fight against an opposing mech, repair, upgrade, and repeat. That would be awesome.
  • From the Dead Leaves division of Production IG comes Oval x Over, some kind of racing show with the most hideous character designs ever. Moving on… Kaze no Moribito is what I’m really anticipating from IG, and it now has an interview with the novel’s author and the series director (the same fellow responsible for GitS:SAC) up at the show’s official site. There’s a trailer there as well, for those who missed it earlier – click on the last functional link on the upper right in the flash interface.
  • NHK is coming in July, fortify your bunkers. The image shown here has given me some faith in the way this will be taken in animated form; it looks like they’re not skimping on character animation (as much as can be judged from a piece of production art). The manga has pretty much jumped the shark in the past few months, but fingers crossed on this one…
  • Slightly old news, but popular Jump manga Busou Renkin is slated to be animefied this fall. I’m only casually acquainted with the cast (to wit: scarface girl), but I expect Comiket 71 will change all that (if the series itself doesn’t).
  • The Tsuyokisu anime page has been renewaled! A “tsundere” TV animation indeed.
  • The Binbou Shimai anime site is now fully open. Ten episodes, predictable story (two sisters live alone and work to make ends meet while going to school, having heartful tragedies and being helped through them by well-meaning neighbors). Designs by the Mahoromatic anime character designer.

Ero Side

  • Lascivious anigifs abound over at Erogos’s Maho Tama Buruma-hen, with a demo movie available as well (scroll down to the very bottom). This installment in the series is now on sale, with the next announced for release on June 30th.
  • In eroanime news: the month’s Milky Press is now online, with news that July 25th will bring the release of Ane to Boin vol. 2, Ryoujoku Hitozuma Onsen vol. 2, and Ringetsu vol. 1. Pages are up as well for the June 25th releases of Futari no Aniyome vol. 1 and Akibakei Kanojo vol. 3.
  • More eroanime news today from D3: Cleavage vol. 2 will be out on June 23rd.
  • Six new eroge will be released this Friday, June 2nd, as scooped here by Chief among them is assuredly Chien’s Iinchou wa Shounin Sezu!, voted “most likely to be the next tsundere hit” by a committee of people who track these things (me). I have to wonder whether the Chien brand was assembled expressly to make this game; will be watching closely for news of a subsequent release over the next month or so.

And that’s a wrap. Still lots to catch up on, so watch this space~