In today’s update: Kujibiki Unbalance anime announced, Kimikiss goes on sale (and HD celebrates with a bunch of wallpapers), My HiME gets ported to the PC, Mamoru Ishii offers an antidote for those drowning in moe, Honey and Clover: the eroge, the week’s ero release roundup (Da Capo II… yay.), Bible Black UMD-PG and Sei Shoujo’s official site to boot, and a 5-in-1 set of Tony-designed games that’s looking pretty darn attractive. Later today: figure news, reviews of the final chapters of Genshiken, and etc.

Media Side

  • The biggest scoop of the week is definitely today’s announcement in Afternoon of a Kujibiki Unbalance anime scheduled to air this fall. (Source: Moon Phase, and this scan over at Moetron). Today also sees the fiftieth and final chapter of Genshiken released; I’ll have reviews up of 49 and 50 today or tomorrow. Feels a bit like the end of an era…
  • Kimikiss, Enterbrain’s incredibly hyped PS2 renai game, is on sale today. Game site EG has a preview up here – and see the bottom of today’s post for a bunch of wallpapers (courtesy of Tech Gian).
  • Yo. Toei animation has opened their official site for the upcoming (summer?) anime, Binbo Shimai Monogatari.
  • Circus’s My HiME PS2 AVG is being ported to the PC for a June 30th release, according to The PC version will include a new character, new storylines and over 30 additional CG images not present in the original PS2 release.
  • Mamoru Ishii + German stormtroopers = Keruberos (Cerberus), a collection of works he considers to be his magnum opus. Keruberos Koutetsu no Ryouken is its latest installment, a radio drama scheduled to begin on May 31st with the aim of being made into a movie over the coming three years. Scroll down at AV Watch’s coverage for screenshots from a 3DCG original image trailer produced to hype the movie. I was a huge fan of Jin Roh, written by produced under Ishii’s supervision, and am quite excited to see a similar project moving forward here.

Ero Side

  • Fans of Murakami Suigun, take note: a wallpaper and screen saver are available for download from Silvery White, the new game he’s designing for Ohgetsu.
  • Back when Anim-e announced Please Maid Me! last month I got a laugh out of the title. It’s looking pretty generic, but here’s some sample CG anyway.
  • Black Rainbow presents Anekoi Moyou, aka Honey and Clover: the eroge (visually at least). It’ll be interesting to see where they go with these designs.
  • scoops the 31 eroge titles on sale tomorrow, May 26th. Included among them are Circus’s Da Capo II, Blip’s Tacticsbrid, Nitro+’s Kigami Hishou Demonbane, Silkys’ Ai no Katachi, Strikes’ Injoku Hitozuma Onna Kyoushi, Nekoneko Soft’s Scarlett, AXL’s Hidamari, etc. etc.
  • For those of us with PSPs we’re not trying to get rid of (p.s. PSP FOR SALE), Active presents Bible Black Portable PG. It’s apparently a UMD port of the DVD-PG game, not of the original PC game, and is due out tomorrow. Also coming “in 2006” from the laziest eroge maker on Mars is a title they’re calling “Discipline Excellent”, which is currently boasting the same package art as the original Discipline and at the listed price point may just wind up being a reissue. When will us Sei Shoujo fans get our next real fix? More importantly, since when has he had an official site, and why was I not aware of this before today. ;_;
  • Due out on June 23rd, the Ciel Limited Collector’s Box is a must-have for all self-respecting Tony fans. Five Tony-illustrated games in one package at a price that brings them to around 3,000 yen each – why, that’s almost reasonable! It also comes with a 17-track song collection CD from the games, and a 128+ page full color artbook. The cutoff date for preorders is May 28th, so it would be wise to act now to secure your copy.

I’m gradually assembling the software necessary to support updates from the new machine here; we should be back up to speed by the end of the coming weekend. And now for something completely Kimikiss: