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Megami does it again.

Some highlights from issue #74 (July 2006), on sale May 30th. Mikuru-chan banzai! (semi-nekkidness alert)

Mainichi Junk: The World’s A Dress

In today’s update: the Kujibiki Unbalance anime site updated to reflect the new fall series (chance of Genshiken rapidly dwindling), the month’s eroanime releases from Milky and a preview of the first Pixy title (now with more elementary economic theory!), advice on what to do when your boyfriend falls asleep in the movie theater, Kimikiss trading figures, and a couple of post teasers.

Mainichi Junk: Is This Thing On

In today’s update: Kujibiki Unbalance anime announced, Kimikiss goes on sale (and HD celebrates with a bunch of wallpapers), My HiME gets ported to the PC, Mamoru Ishii offers an antidote for those drowning in moe, Honey and Clover: the eroge, the week’s ero release roundup (Da Capo II… yay.), Bible Black UMD-PG and Sei Shoujo’s official site to boot, and a 5-in-1 set of Tony-designed games that’s looking pretty darn attractive. Later today: figure news, reviews of the final chapters of Genshiken, and etc.

Tadaima. [edit] Cheesecake!

Regular HD resumes tomorrow morning. For now, here is a picture of the Resort Boin cast as rendered by Happo Bijin and shamelessly yanked from the July 2006 edition of Tech Gian:

Self-professed ‘moerer’ rips into ‘real otaku’ fetish fakers

Waiwai dropped a bomb on Friday with the English translation of a moe-bashing (among other things) interview with Mimei Sakamoto. ANN picked the story up on Sunday, it was posted to comments here yesterday, and now HD takes a crack at separating fiction from fact.

Off Topic (again): PC a-buildin’

In which there is happiness at a successful install, wailing and gnashing of teeth at lack of a net connection, and an appeal for advice from the technically-minded. We’ll be back to normal around here soon. Really. Maybe.

Golden Week is Over

… and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. I mean hangover. I mean galactic empire. This post is (not) a free-associating rant, and only marginally animatic; you have been warned.