There was a giant sucking sound when Konami’s Mechamusume trading figures were first released last March, and almost before they hit store shelves the entire production run was gone – drawn into the ether of private collections or the gaping maw of greedy auctioneers. HD resisted the draw of double-priced resellers for thirteen months, and the wait was worth it: we now present Mechamusume Volume One, for your viewing pleasure.

Original Design: Shimada Fumikane (島田フミカネ)
Sculptor: Vice (バイス)
Source: Original
Scale: Non (10-13 cm tall)
Material: PVC, etc.
Release Date: March 25th, 2005 (April 20th, 2006 reissue)
Production: Konami
Price: 6,090 JPY (box of 10, tax included)
Current Availability: Out of Stock

Valentine Tank (Royal British Army)

P-60 Fighter
(Soviet Air Force, based on the P-39)

Shinden Interceptor (Imperial Japanese Navy)

Shinden Interceptor (alternate coloring)

Ms-462 Fighter (French Air Force)

Ms-462 Fighter (alternate coloring)

Third Assault Armored Infantry Support Tank, G-type (German Army)

Third Assault Armored Infantry Support Tank, G-type (alternate coloring)

Final Verdict: 9/10

After longingly eying this collection for the past year in overpriced reseller’s shops there’s not much I can say now except BANZAI. Moe is at its best when it’s at its most juxtapositional, and while I could rant on and on about the cultural and artistic significance of pairing cute girls with weapons of war, I’ll set the topic aside and leave it at this: Shimada Fumikane knows what he’s doing, the sculptors at Vice know what they’re doing, and Konami’s production team was more than able to pull off a polished product here that will be the pride of any collector. Here’s hoping HLJ and other vendors recieve enough stock for these to propagate at retail cost to those who want them.

Note: I don’t know my WWII-era military vehicles, and neither does Shimada, apparently – I scoured the ‘net for a Russian P-60 to no avail, there is no French MS-462, and the Panzer is a shot in the dark. If any military otaku out there would care to enlighten me on these discrepancies it would be much appreciated. Edit: according to the character notes written by Shimada some of these aren’t meant as direct takeoffs of the original vehicles, and are merely inspired by them – hence the fictional model numbers. Still, I’m not confident that I’ve picked the closest matches and would appreciate correction if they’re off the mark.