In today’s update: Pumpkin Scissors anime announced, Comic Yurihime vol. 4 on sale, Witchblade takes a gang of ten to Anime Expo, eroge demo movies galore, Pink Pineapple’s next project, otaku renai how to, and even more shots of Daiki Kougyou’s Akuma-san PVC.


  • According to the May issue of GREAT Magazine, Pumpkin Scissors, a manga it serializes, is slated to recieve an anime adaptation. Penned by Iwanaga Ryoutarou, Hatena Diary describes it as a drama of social discontent and political corruption set against the backdrop of an empire lying in ruins after a war of attrition. Might be worth keeping an eye on…
  • Volume four of Comic Yurihime is now on sale, representing with this quarter’s dose of more girls’ love than you can shake a stick at. Hibiki Reine cover, as usual. :3
  • The second Ar Tonelico drama CD is on sale today, for those keeping track of events related to the best-musicked RPG of the year.
  • A lucky (edit: rich) group of ten Japanese will be able to take advantage of a five-day, three-night Witchblade-themed trip to Anime Expo 2006 in Los Angeles. Scoop from Mangazoo, details here; what will 248,000 yen (approx. $2,100 USD) get you? Hotel, transportation, a tour of Gonzo USA, and a couple of other special events in addition to the con itself. Not a bad deal, if you have the cash; I’m curious as to who (if anyone) will take it up, and what their impressions will be. For HD readers who may be attending the con, I’m curious to see if you’ll be able to spot this gang of ten – they might be in Witchblade t-shirts, if that helps any.
  • Idol Master web radio will be starting on April 27th, for those curious as to what all the fuss is about.

Ero Side

  • Several demo movies on tap today, including offerings from Liar Soft’s Souten no Selenaria (moe steampunk action alert), Erogos’s Maho Tama ~Oppai-hen~ (check out the official page for a bizarre translation of “oppai”), and Ail-soft’s Deep Body (for fans of breasts the size of station wagons, and other oddities).
  • The contents of June’s Tech Gian (on sale today, April 21st) are now officially online. The Leaf Memorial Disc looks nice, but I’ll be picking it up mostly for the Resort Boin feature (Happo Bijin banzai!) and new release scoops – details on the latter in tomorrow’s update.
  • An eroanime match made in heaven? News from today that Ail-soft’s Kyouhaku 2 is being eroanimefied courtesy of Pink Pineapple. From the stills in evidence I’d say this is one to look forward to; the first volume will be out on May 26th with the second coming on August 25th.
  • More sample CG from Meromero Cute’s Hachukano is available today courtesy of Game Style. I’m following this one mostly because it’s billed as an “otaku renai HOW TO AVG”, and I’m a sucker for meta (or games that address the nature of their audience, at least). I think I described the premise in an earlier post, but the game kicks off with you (the otaku) being confessed to by pink-haired girl, and running away from her. Blue-haired girl is her older sister, and twintails is the tsundere. It all works out.
  • Akiba Blog reports that the second volume of Shoujo Sect is now on sale, for the yuri fans.

Hobby Side

  • Amiami has a very thorough preview of Daiki Kougyou’s Akuma-san PVC online (or a resin sample thereof, at least) and it’s looking quite nice (not to mention ample promise for what’s lurking under that removable apron).

Mechamusume are in, as is Tech Gian’s June edition; I’ll try to have a review of the former up this evening, but it may take until tomorrow. Manga reviews are also on the plate for this weekend – must get caught up before I fall a third month behind. -_-;;