In today’s update: the requisite quota of Haruhi-ism, the last word on Stratos Four, Nukenin figure updates, Planetarian and Tomoyo After come to the PS2, the week in eroge, T’s system does REC’s Aka, scantily-clad Fate figures from Art Road, some Queen’s Blade promo art and a closer look at Daiki Kougyou’s Akuma-san PVC.


  • The rules of the SOS-dan dictate that any Haruhi-ism, no matter how trivial, must be placed first in the news rankings of the day. Therefore: a picture of feet, from the Kyoto Animation Haruhi production blog. It is accompanied by a rant from the blog’s host, Kuronekoman Kuroi, who speculates that bloomers may not appear beyond their placement in the show’s second episode.
  • I’m filing this one under “things I can’t wear in public but sort of wish I could”: Witchblade T-shirts. The beige one is especially nice. Why don’t they make them into posters instead?
  • Studio Fantasia has posted information about its 2006 anime projects, including the final volume of Stratos Four Advance and a mysterious original new work, untitled. We do know that it will be directed by Watanabe Tetsuya (KGNE) with characters designed by Fujita Mariko (Galaxy Angel). Hype engine engage!
  • Character designs and main cast info for summer anime Muteki Kanban Musume are online today courtesy of game info site eg.

Ero Side

  • Waffle’s Nukenin is becoming an anthology comic, set for release on June 23rd. Scroll down on the goods page to see colorized versions of the trading figures currently in production in conjunction with Solid Theater; they’re looking pretty rad.
  • Mangaoh has covers and content info online for the June editions of Push and Tech Gian, revealing that Key’s Planetarian and Tomoyo After will be recieving PS2 version releases, among other scoops. Full summary to be gleaned tomorrow when the magazines hit store shelves.
  • A sample video is online today for the second volume of Nee, Chanto Shiyou Yo!, due out from D3 / White Bear tomorrow, April 21st.
  • Marry Bell announces Kinomino ~Cosplay-ken he Youkoso~, their new eroge title due out in July.
  • From the old news division: a sample movie is online for 0verflow’s Summer Days, sequel to last year’s School Days, one of the most popular eroge titles of 2005. A bit of editorial advice: don’t waste two minutes of your life watching this, it’s just a bunch of slow pans over scenery and character mug shots. -_-
  • scoops the 15 eroge on sale tomorrow, April 21st. If this looks like deja vu, it probably is: Unisonshift’s Nanatsuiro Drops features the ubiquitous Itou Nouiji designs we’ve all come to love (or hate, or view with increasing apathy). Other significant releases include Alice Soft’s Yokubari Saboten, Interheart’s Oira wa Bandai 2, and Illusion’s Rapelay.

Hobby Side

  • June Planning will be releasing a 1/6 scale PVC figure of REC’s Onda Aka, currently slated to be out in early August. Sculpt by Miyakawa Takeshi of T’s system. Thanks to Tsutako for the scoop!
  • Hobby Japan scoops the Fate / stay night centered Art Road offerings to appear at WHF Kobe (April 30th) and Ariake (May 5th), including cold cast Rin, Rider and Saber kits that we’ve seen before along with a couple of new resins (Saber wearing much less armor than usual and a Caster who may not be presentable below the torso). Less heavily censored [ERO] images can be found here.
  • Coming from Yujin in June: Rozen Maiden Traumend’s Kanaria in PVC form. Ditto for this Kazami Yui PVC, originally from Giga’s Parfait (excessively long game subtitle alert) ~Chocolate Second Brew~ Re-Order.
  • Akiba Blog represents with some close-up shots of the hotness that awaits in the fifth and sixth Queen’s Blade volumes, due out from Hobby Japan on June 9th. For those who haven’t been following them quite so closely, these are the artbooks based on the venerable Flying Buffalo Lost Worlds game book franchise.
  • Those wondering whether or not to take the plunge and reserve Daiki Kougyou’s Akuma-san PVC, scooped yesterday, now have a bit more to chew on courtesy of the maker’s official site. My hand is crawling across the keyboard toward the “submit order” button as I type this…
  • I was going to have Mechamusume reviews up today, but the shipment hasn’t reached my local shop yet. Considering that they were reaching stores elsewhere on Tuesday I’d say things are getting out of hand here; as much as I enjoy the ease of stopping by the shop on the way home to pick up new releases, and the warm fuzzy feeling I get for supporting a local small business, the siren song of online rebates (and on-time shipping) is proving too much to bear.

Oh, look at the date… have fun, all you smokers!