In which there are rants about the Tsuma to Mama to Boin demo, and other busy-ness of the weekend.

[ERO] A trial version of G.J?’s Tsuma to Mama to Boin came out last Friday. It contains two scenes, one with Inugaya Tomoko and one with Fuyuu Suzuka. They give a cursory walk through the gimmicks in the game system, including the notorious After Effects “animation” and the card-based route selection system (though you’re only offered one choice to choose from in the demo).

I found the animation to be more agreeable than initially expected; if you want a preview without clicking through the dialogue, the files are stored as .mpgs in the game directory so you can view them at your leisure. For those of us eager to view as much preview material as possible prior to the game’s release, Game Style has uploaded several sample CG images that aren’t on the official site.

I was left with the impression after running through the demo that the TtMtB protagonist is rather more assertive than those of most other G.J? titles (with the exception of Futago no Bosei Honnou), and that’s fine by me; seems it will stay within my comfort range while broadening the array of possible scenarios. I plan to pick the game up on the 28th or 29th and get a review out within the few days following; we’ll see how things go.

In other eroge news, I played through Soft Circle Courreges’ Wake Ari no Koibitotachi last week, and am currently working through Stellar’s Honey x Bunny. Both have been quite rewarding, and along with all of the new anime this season provide great excuses not to write this column. -_-;; I got the chance to watch REC last night, which was awesome, along with the second episodes of Black Lagoon, Yumetsukai, Saiunkoku Monogatari, and a few others – along with the first episode of Tokko, which was terrible, and the third of Haruhi, which was awesome (as expected).

Aside from all that anime, yesterday was spent scanning manga for reviews of Genshiken and NHK chapters that are long overdue; if I have time later today I’ll try to get them online. I also resumed painting work on [NWS] Milk Tank Teacher Nene, the garage kit I’ve had in the shop for the past eleven months… I really need to get through some of this kit backlog before picking up any new ones. World Hobby Festival Ariake 14 is coming up on May 5th and I’m thinking it just might be worth it to go (circle list here). There’s a chance to score a copy of Ohno Tifa that I can’t pass up…