They’re snakes, see. And they’re on this plane…

What with the recent spate of figure news and reviews it may seem that HD is in danger of shifting away from the glorious integer that is a primary part of its mandate. To this I say: nay, ’tis but a minor deviation. We’ve got a new season of anime in the works, a backlog of manga to review, and a stack of eroge to click… click… click away at here, all of which will be done in good time.

HD spent the past week in an undisclosed location after recieving credible intelligence to the effect that it was being targeted by an army of snake-like alien terrorists (SLATs); later review determined this intelligence to be erroneous, however, and upon recieveing the all-clear we have reemerged to fearlessly blog our special brand of patriotic edutainment over the rolling hills and valleys of cyberspace.

Yes, we are back. Back with a vengeance, a mandate, and political capital to spend. ‘Cause that’s what we do with capital, ya know. Spend it. In the few days left of this spring break, along with invading the SLAT homeworld, that capital will manifest itself in news updates, manga updates, anime updates, and updates about updates (like this one). These will be known as meta-updates, and may eventually come to outnumber all the rest put together in a big incestual postmodern blogxplosion.

If not, expect some actual content to appear as HD gets back on its feet. And watch out for the snakes, man. They’re everywhere.