In this morning’s update: Witchblade anime site updated (and manga released), a moe coloring book, Tsuma to Mama to Boin demo movie, Shuffle! sequel announced, March 10th in eroge, and general catching up.

Media Side

  • The official Witchblade anime site was updated several days ago (if transition to a Flash version can be called an “update”), along with the news that it will air starting April 5th at 25:45, following the web radio by a couple of days. There’s a link to an English version of the site as well, but something tells me the words “coming soon” aren’t quite an adequate translation for the Japanese content of the main page. Speaking of Witchblade, the first chapter of the manga hit shelves on March 18th in Champion RED… Must look into that.
  • The “second” issue (in reality the fourth? fifth?) of Toranoana’s Moyori magazine will street on April 10th.
  • The OP video for upcoming OVA Dai Mahou Touge is now streaming online at the show’s official site.
  • TV Tokyo has a new web portal online to showcase some of its prime time anime offerings.
  • If you’ve always wanted to be a moe artist but don’t have the line art skills, Moe Nurie is here to the rescue. Color in the prerendered line art provided in what is essentially a coloring book, or digitally paint it from the accompanying CD-ROM. Out on March 23rd.

Ero Side

And with that we’re more or less clear through last Friday’s batch of news. On a roll here…