In tonight’s update: a new try at a light box, May editions of Dengeki Daioh and Tech Gian, a lick, and a promise.

I spent the last week being sick, playing Diablo II, taking care of some personal business (a new bike and some badly needed shelving), playing more Diablo II, opening countless Firefox tabs in preparation for tomorrow’s ominbus post, and working on a new lighting setup. It still needs work, but I’m rather pleased with what’s come out so far:

a new box


There will be time to tweak it in the coming weeks as the school year is coming to an end, spring break bringing a brief reprieve from the day job (banzai! banzai! banzai!) and more time to commit to hobbyistic pursuits and insanity prevention, coinciding as it does with the launch of one of the most massive new anime seasons on record. Lord help us.

I picked up May’s editions of Tech Gian and Dengeki Daioh today, the former containing a few items of note that will be elaborated on tomorrow – a full-fledged Murakami Suigun eroge, for instance. Anticipation ++ in certain quarters…

May 2006 Tech Gian and Dengeki Daioh

and extras, with Itou Nouiji getting love from both sides of the aisle (a Nanatsuiro Drops novel and a Shakugan no Shana preview DVD):


Tomorrow is one of Japan’s freak national holidays, and I’m setting it aside to get caught up with things here. Will that actually happen? …ask again later …. signs point to yes. The 8-ball has it, folks. Until tomorrow!