In today’s update: Asatte no Houkou TV anime announced, official confirmation of the upcoming Full Metal Panic! TSR OVA (complete with eroero Tessa shot), Simoun broadcast launch and staff / cast information, Princess Princess brings gosurori boys in pretty dresses, Tokito Ami sings the School Rumble second season OP, Hellsing OVA vol. 2 out this summer, the week in eroge, and a stealth Goodsmile PVC figure announcement. Something in this update for just about everyone, I’m guessing.

Media Side

  • According to Mag Garden’s official site, Asatte no Houkou, a manga serialized in Comic Blade Masamune, is slated to become an anime. Further production details will appear in the edition of Masamune on sale April 15th.
  • HD scooped the news of a new Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid OVA several days ago, and now it’s official: “Warito Hima na Sentaichou no Ichinichi” (trans: The Commanding Officer’s Rather Boring Day) will be released on May 26th, apparently just a single 30-minute episode with the first lot special edition (drama CD included) going for 6,930 yen. Be sure to scroll down for the eroero Tessa shot~
  • News in today that Simoun, the most highly anticipated yuri title of the spring season (by default, I don’t think there are any others), will be taking the broadcast slot of Nerima Daikon Brothers on TV Tokyo (Tuesday mornings at 1:30) starting April 3rd. Cast and staff information for the show are online today as well.
  • The official Princess Princess anime site has recieved a major makeover, in more ways than one – set in an all-boys school where gothic lolita fashion is king (queen?), the best looking students are selected to be made into “princesses”… While I can’t say how broad its appeal will be, I think this show has the potential to target an interesting range of viewership; along with Simoun, April 2006 is shaping up to be quite the season in terms of alternative gender identity in anime.
  • Talkin’ ’bout a revolution: Tecmo yesterday announced their port of golf game Pangya to the Nintendo Revolution, amid much fanfare.
  • Toei animation has an official site open for Splash Star, the currently airing iteration of the Pretty Cure saga.
  • I’m usually all in favor of girls with glasses, but Tokito Ami, the OP / ED singer of School Rumble season 2 would really be better off without them. Yeah, she really would. [official site]
  • According to the official Hellsing OVA site, its second installment will be released in “early summer”. After the series of delays on the first disc I’m not entirely optimistic about this projection, but hold out hopes.
  • News from Shueisha Publishing’s Dash Bunko imprint today that volume 11 of the Read or Die serial novel is now on sale. Click for Yomiko’s improbably rendered bosoms, if nothing else.
  • Konami’s Rumble Roses XX met the press last Friday. CERO 18+?

Ero Side

Hobby Side