In today’s update: Galaxy Angel 2 anime announced, Kiba anime site open, Rean no Tsubasa ep. 2 trailer online, Utawarerumono PS2 site goes live, a new Full Metal Panic! TSR OVA out in May, several new eroanime scoops from Vanilla, Goodsmile launches a To Heart 2 line of PVC figures, Ichigo 100% figures from T’s System, a raft of Wonder Festival items, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Media Side

  • Broccoli has a splash page up announcing the animefication of True Tears (scooped by HD earlier) and Galaxy Angel 2, not to be confused with Galaxy Angel 1 season 2. The fact that anime is still being made from Broccoli titles is probably a good sign that the company still has some vitality left in it, though I doubt that it can survive on proprietary characters alone in the face of Toranoana‘s agressive marketing and Animate‘s broader mainstream eyeshare.
  • The official Kiba anime site is fully open today, and with it a glimpse into a world the likes of which we haven’t seen since El Hazard. Ignoring the character designs for a moment, The imaginative detail that has gone into these background matte paintings is enough to make me curious about the show. We’ll have to wait for its April 2nd launch to tell for sure, but this is one to keep an eye on.
  • A trailer is online today for the second episode of Rean no Tsubasa, the six-episode OVA currently available via streaming webcast only. The second episode will “air” on April 21st.
  • Character profiles are online today for Media Works’ Strawberry Panic anime. I hear yuri sirens in the distance…
  • Chiba TV gets Himawari! and Tokyo TV gets Inukami!, both slated for on-air launch in April. Broadcast details are online for the April launch of the Disgaea and Demonbane series as well, the latter available unscrambled via WOWOW at some point in the unspecified future.
  • The offical site for the PS2 incarnation of Aquaplus’s Utawarerumono went live yesterday, complete with product and story information. This is shaping up to be one of the big titles of the summer, although I doubt the buzz will be equal to what To Heart 2 xrated managed to generate.
  • Suzumiya Haruhi web radio debuts today, but of greater interest is the commercial for a Full Metal Panic! TSR OVA that airs during the broadcast. May 26th will see the release of “Warito Hima na Sentaichou no Ichinichi” (trans: The Commanding Officer’s Rather Boring Day), no word on the number of episodes or the length of this installment but any new FMP is officially Good News.
  • If you can’t justify the price of a standard release console bishoujo game but have a region 2 PS2 acting as a doorstop somewhere, Kid releases a trio of its older titles at the rather more affordable price of 2,800 yen each. In other bishoujo game news, a reminder from Famitsu that Alchemist’s PS2 version of Haru no Ashioto ~Step of Spring~ will be out on March 10th.
  • Five months after the release of volume 3, vols. 4 and 5 of the Ichigo Mashimaro drama CD series have been announced. Look for them to hit stores on July 21st and August 25th respectively.
  • Weekly Web Radio Roundup
  • Redundant anime site launches: MMV’s Air Gear, Avex Mode’s Kyou no 5 no 2.
  • The first volume of the Baldr Force EXE OVA will be out on April 28th.
  • Volume 7 of Kamichu’s R2 DVD release will be on sale February 22nd, complete with the 13th episode (missing from the original terrestrial broadcast).
  • BEWE, a new fan community “supporters club”, is open today. Basically MySpace for anime fans, it seems, with content tailored to the fan/supporter experience.
  • The first volume of the Hellsing OVA did, in fact, go on sale yesterday. Fansubs are probably online already as I type.

Ero Side

Hobby Side

  • AT-G is a new project that teams AXIA trading cards with Tablier promotion and Goodsmile sculpting to release a series of 3 To Heart 2 trading cards + 1/8 scale PVC figures. Lucy Maria Misora is due out in July, Tama-nee in August, and Konomi doesn’t have release details as of yet. This is all very confusing, but what it seems to boil down to is that Goodsmile will be producing To Heart 2 figures, and they’ll be out this summer. [Hobby Channel scoop]
  • Akibajin and Akiba Blog both scoop the sale of Kaiyodo’s Onikko (repaint ver. 2) PVC. A fine item, by all accounts.
  • Solid Theater’s Kirin-cho Bouei Gumi PVC figures were on display in Akihabara yesterday. More sample images are available at the creator’s(?) site. Akibajin offers us an up-close look at the Telesa Rose figure released recently with Cave’s Ibara OST, as well; I’d drop 2,500 yen for the figure on a mass release, but of course Cave has to keep things as limited (and bundled to the CD) as possible. >:( [EDIT] it seems the OST is already sold out. Hah. At least we have the rest of the set to look forward to (and subsequently be unable to purchase).
  • Welcome to Pia Carrot!
  • A pair of Ichigo 100% drama CDs will be out on May 19th, each with a companion figure (Aya and Tsukasa, respectively). They’re apparently sculpted by t’s system, so they might not suck.
  • Coming from CMS in April is this set of Yuusha Heroines trading figures, sure to be a hit with fans of giant robots and shows I’ve never heard of.
  • Late April will also bring us this eroero clothes-changing Akezuki Ayumi PVC from Toys Planning and Ringetsu.
  • Alter has a page up for their Idol Master trading mascot collection, not really figures but worth a mention here.
  • Wanfesu Corner
    • Midareuchi goes the extra mile and puts up a comprehensive WF2006 Winter industry page that documents all of the known data regarding releases from companies and larger circles at the event.
    • Goodsmile updates their official event site, collection information from its various other umbrella makers as well as a list of events scheduled for their stage in the industry section.
    • [ERO] Volks represents at Wonder Festival with this trio of ero kits, all 1/4 scale and hideously expensive, and presently inaccessible due to a flood of other folks flocking to look at items that few will ever be able to afford. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien’s Haruka and Mizuki represent, along with Yamamoto Isoroku, a character of uncertain origins but bearing a marked dissimilarity to the name’s first Google hit. [edit] Yamamoto Isoroku is from Alice Soft’s Kichiku-Oh Rance.
    • Other Wanfesu updates are online today from Kurushima and Musashiya (pictures, pictures).

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