In Today’s Update: Air Gear TV anime official site pre-open, School Rumble season 2 start date announced, FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus review, explicit male harem eroge ahoy, this (paltry) week in eroge releases, some minor Lineage II scoops, and an Ichigo Mashimaro bathtime figure review.

Media Side

  • Toei’s official Air Gear TV anime site is pre-open today. Here’s hoping they maintain a higher standard of animation than Avex’s Tenjou Tenge farce; from the splash image it looks like they’ve chosen a color picker who isn’t blind and/or on psychotropic drugs, so it may yet have a chance.
  • The second season of School Rumble has recieved an on-air date of April 2nd, 1:30 to 2:00 AM (April 3rd, really) on TV Tokyo. A rather stiff downgrade from the first season’s prime time Tuesday slot; hopefully that doesn’t represent a similar trend in production quality.
  • More than you ever wanted to know about the Broccoli / Circus co-produced all-ages AVG True Tears can be found here, courtesy of Game Watch. Scoops like these usually appear in multiple outlets (as reported on Moon Phase), so I tend to go for the one with the highest resolution sample images… the game is due out on March 31st.
  • This new Negima PS2 game is rather suspicious.
  • A review of Squeenix’s Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus is online today courtesy of +D Games. For those like me who have been living in a hole for the past several months, it’s apparently a “Gun Action RPG” featuring Vincent and was on sale January 26th for the PS2. There are probably more thorough (and more English) reviews elsewhere, but at least this one doesn’t have too many annoying flash banner ads.

Ero Side

  • Game Style scoops Love Drops, one of the very rare (to my knowledge) male harem eroge. The female protagonist isn’t voiced, and she’s surrounded by a bunch of very bishounen guys – but the sex scenes are just as explicit as a male-targeted game. Though definitely aimed at a female audience, with a few tweaks I could see a game like this performing admirably across genders (assuming girls will buy into this current release as-is); this may just be my Yankee temperament, but I’d say there’s a “unisex” gap in the eroge market just waiting to be filled. I know I would be interested in playing a game where I could choose to be either a male or a female protagonist, as I think the narrative quality of a game envisioned as catering to either gender would be enriched – characters of both genders would have an incentive to be portrayed as more interesting and attractive to the opposite sex (in one of the “happier” eroge genres at least). The official site for Love Drops can be found here.
  • Four eroge titles will be on sale Friday, February 10th, but not a single major (8,800 yen) release. Those looking for something new to download can check out Poashara’s Mamotte Agechau!, available at DLsite and other fine online retailers; otherwise it’s a pretty bare week.
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Hobby Side

  • Originally on sale at Comiket 69, this set of Chara-Ani Rozen Maiden figures will be rereleased again in May.
  • Someone please buy this girl!” This female dwarf kit from Lineage II wasn’t too badly put together, but if I were to guess figure shoppers’ motivations I’d say they’re waiting for the elf / dark elf / human options. Speaking of Lineage II, looks like there was a cosplay promo event for a new expansion (“Scions of Destiny”?) in Akihabara yesterday. Protip for Akibajin: the spectators are one thing, but don’t censor the cosplayers’ faces, for crying out loud. -_-
  • Akibajin has a review online today of the recently released Ichigo Mashimaro bathtime trading figures from ToysWorks. They hold up pretty well at high resolution, may be worth a look for pettanko fans.
  • Akibajin reports that Yujin’s TFC Avalon no Kagi 2 trading figures are now on sale.
  • Due out in mid-April, Amiami has gallery shots of CMS’s My HiME 2.5 trading figure set online. Don’t ask me to explain this one… In other My HiME (Otome) figure news, this Arika figure from Wave is due out very soon.