In today’s update: Kyou no 5 no 2 official site online, True Tears to be animefied, a Binchou-tan PS2 game, CD-ROM Fate goes the way of the dinosaur, several Wonder Festival scoops including a PVC kit from T’s System, and advance news from Figure Maniacs vol. 19.

Media Side

  • The official site for the Kyou no 5 no 2 OVA is now online, though aside from the “item” and “link” pages it’s still under construction.
  • According to the game’s official site, Broccoli’s True Tears is slated to be animated at some point in the undefined future. Further details on this as they emerge. In other Broccoli news, the second issue of Comi Deji will go on sale February 10th; check the site for a rundown of the magazine’s contents.
  • Multimedia synergy is the rule when it comes to anime titles these days, and Binchou-tan is no exception. Expect to see her turning your PS2 into a rice cooker sometime this year.
  • A DVD box set for the Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito anime will be on sale March 24th. I can’t think of a reason to drop 36,000 yen on this, but it’s worth clicking for the yuri yuri screenshots.

Ero Side

Hobby Side

  • This Ichigo Mashimaro swimsuit collection trading figure set will be coming in April from Toysworks.
  • Coming in mid-March from Pla Guild is this Mitsuki resin kit from He is My Master. A nice item, pity there’s no PVC in sight.
  • The two Solid Theater Akiiro Renka PVC kits scooped recently are now available for preorder, with decent resolution sample images: Niiyama Aoi and Mayu Tokura. Solid Theater’s Hinatabokko Hinata PVC is up as well, due out in April.
  • Coming in late May from Megahouse are these three SD Gundam SEED Destiny figures with various exchangeable parts (Fllay, Meer, Isaac).
  • Wanfesu Corner
    • Akiba Blog continues its string of exclusive Alter/Max/Goodsmile Wonder Festival scoops with shots of the quadrilogy of lingerie Mizuhos that will be Max Factory’s special event offering. Nopan may have cinched this one for me.
    • Alter has updated their official event site with Wonder Festival goods, including some coffee “tumblers” and resin kits of earlier-released PVCs.
    • Amie Gran has updated as well, with location information and the kits they’ll have on sale at the event. Mostly Sailor Moon, but Mahou Shoujo Behoimi does make an appearance.
    • Vice updates with their mostly Range Murata-inspired Wanfesu offerings.
    • PVC from T’s System at Wonder Festival?! The hand of providence is at work…
  • Toranoana’s Suigetsu Palm Scenery trading figures went on sale yesterday, and Akiba Blog / Akibajin were there. It seems that Konami’s Gokujou Seitokai Figure Mate trading figures were on sale yesterday as well.
  • 2chan’s Mokeiura board pulls through today with advance scoops from Figure Maniacs vol. 19. More information on the individual items pictured as it becomes available.