This original Yamashita Shunya-designed kit has been making model enthusiasts salivate since it first showed up at Wonder Festival in the winter of 2005, so when Kotobukiya announced a store exclusive limited edition PVC version there was much rejoicing (coupled with dismay at its lack of a broader release). Read on to find out if it was worth the hype.

Original Design: Yamashita Shunya
Sculptor: Mitsumasa Yoshizawa
Source: Original
Scale: 1/7
Material: PVC
Release Date: February 3rd, 2006
Production: Kotobukiya
Price: 6,090 JPY (tax included)
Current Availability: Yahoo Auctions

Final Analysis: 9/10

A fine figure all around, my copy was marred only by a smudge on the left shoulder of the sailor collar and a dark line on the right hip left behind from the placement of the skirt. The latter could have been easily prevented by tucking a plastic bag over the hips before putting the skirt on in assembly, an unfortunate oversight in the production process that knocks the figure down from a perfect 10. Other than that it’s hard to complain; Kotobukiya’s generally solid reputation pulls through to produce an item already coveted (as per the Yahoo Auctions listings linked above) at several times its market value. It’s a pity the kit didn’t see a general release, as I’m sure I’m not the only who looked at the initial production photos with wallet in hand.