In today’s update: Gintama anime site launches, an all ages PS2 verision of Tsuyokisu and a new Tony-designed “Shining”-series PS2 game are announced, music clips from the Ibara OST and Touhou Fantasy, and several early February figure releases.

Media Side

  • Three official sites launch simultaneously today for Gintama [Sunrise, TV Tokyo], a manga currently serialized in Shonen Jump that’s slated to be animefied this April. The obnoxious official flash site for the manga should give some clue as to what it’s about, but all I had time to notice was the falling afro head.
  • Candy Soft’s eroge Tsuyokisu, one of the canon releases of the tsundere character genre, is being adapted as an all-ages version for the PS2 by Princess Soft under the title Tsuyokisu ~Mighty Heart~. The game is scheduled to contain new event scenarios and CG not present in the original, and is currently set for a May 25th release. Candy Soft has some of the new contents details here, along with a profile of the obligatory new character (Konoe Sunao, which judging by the genre she is probably anything but (sunao: (1) obedient; meek; docile; unaffected).
  • Wherever there’s an up and coming moe subgenre to be exploited Toranoana is there, ready to take your money faster than you can say “tsundere iinchou“. In related news, I wonder what these girls are being paid.
  • The start date and time has been fixed for WOWOW’s broadcast of Shinigami no Ballad: March 2nd (3rd) at 12:30 AM.
  • A new Binchou-tan preview clip is online today.
  • Tony fans will be pleased by the news that a new “Shining” series game is currently in development for the PS2, dubbed “Shining Wind”. Details are scarce, but it’s due out some time this year.
  • Comptiq posts the low-down on Comp Ace vol. 5, released January 26th. In other magazine news, Megami still doesn’t have the contents of their March issue online, but it hit the sales rack yesterday. As did Fox Publishing’s Moyori vol. 3 (January edition? These number schemes are making me dizzy). [Akibajin scoop]
  • The sountrack to Cave’s Ibara STG went on sale yesterday, and you can listen to samples here.
  • Square / Enix’s February 23rd launch MMORPG Fantasy Earth is hosting a web TV program to promote the game’s release. [source]
  • Paniponi Dash web radio, new episode online!
  • Shanghai Alice meets Final Fantasy in circle mistbell’s Touhou Fantasy – Advent Cirno Original Kasou Soundtrack, on sale January 28th. Three mp3 preview cuts are available courtesy of Toranoana.

Ero Side

Hobby Side

Akibajin has posted a wallpaper commemorating the one year anniversary of his blog launch, along with stats and access rankings over a similar period (warning, may be broken in Firefox). Ahh, what I would do for a stats graph like that… I’m in the midst of some brain wracking to better leverage the potential of HD, so expect some changes around here in the near term. Otanoshimi ni~