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Book Review: Hating the Otaku Wave

Mainstream Japanese fiction doesn’t normally fall within the purview of HD, but given the recent furor over Hating the Otaku Wave we today make an exception. What follows is a translation of its preface and opening pages, flagged with illuminating hotlinks and emphasis where appropriate; I have taken artistic liberties with certain passages but have tried to remain true to the original intent of the piece. Note to communists: I am so very, very sorry.

Mainichi Junk: Pay Dirt

In today’s update: A deluge, a veritable torrent of figure releases hit store shelves, Madhouse announces TOKYO TRIBES 2 anime, Kamichu manga vol. 1 goes on sale, and we get a glimpse of what Cerberus Project has in store for Wonder Festival. Warning: may inspire carnal desire toward inanimate objects.