In today’s update: official Tokko anime site online, more Mardock Scramble info, elementary school students star in Kyou no 5 no 2, Cartoon Network worships Hale Bopp, otaku hate literature, 41 eroge on sale this week, Milky Anime Press scoops new ero releases, a Sorayama Hajime Art Collection PVC figure, and Wanfesu Corner open.

Media Side

  • Originally a manga by Fujisawa Tohru (the creator of GTO and Rose Hip Rose, among others), word comes today that Tokko is being animefied come April, to be broadcast on WOWOW with an R-15 rating.
  • An introduction page is online for Gonzo’s upcoming Murata Range-designed Mardock Scramble OVA. Pity it’s only text… I’ll try to parse it later on today if I get the chance. In other Gonzo OVA news, a Miina Cafe Event Report is online at the Getsumen Toheiki Miina official site. Click for bunny girl cosplay, if nothing else.
  • Those who recall the “Osaka sim” released at Comiket 64 will be having flashbacks at the sight of the extra included with the Shuffle! vol. 4 DVD release.
  • Two elementary school sixth-graders and a first year junior high student make up Sweet Kiss, the “kid’s idol group” responsible for three of the voices in the upcoming Kyou no 5 no 2 OVA. Pictures and an interview are online here. I think we all know what demographic this is targeting…
  • Ar Tonelico is on sale today!
  • Ave;new has a promotional movie online for their second album, suite. A sample track is available for download here.
  • “Cultishly popular” web anime Project Papo is now being broadcast at random between midnight and one o’clock on Japan’s version of Cartoon Network. With three news sites reporting on it simultaneously out of the blue, and all of them using the word “cult”, I recommend monitoring yourself for the freak urge to buy a new pair of white tennis shoes and drink an arsenic martini if you choose to watch this.
  • Hate otaku? This book is for you. I’d like to take a closer look and see what it is that some (ostensibly non-otaku) Japanese are currently thinking about the moe trend and etc., might be an interesting read.

Ero Side

Hobby Side

  • Dragon Age Pure posts images of the figure that will be included with the release of the first volume of the magazine on January 30th. Alright already, I’m buying your damn magazine. >:(
  • Fans of vinyl, leather, and other vaguely BDSMish trappings will be pleased today by the release announcement of this Gatchaman in CG (Dark ver) figure from Takara in late March, and this Sorayama Hajime Art Collection Silver Bobbed Replicant PVC statue from Ice Cream in April. Rather pricey for a 1/6 scale PVC figure… also coming from Ice Cream is this somewhat more reasonably-priced 1/6 scale Lemnear PVC figure from Legend of Lemnear, this one out in late March.
  • Akibajin has a quick rundown of Kotobukiya’s recent announcements, for those looking for To Heart (2) and Clannad figures. Yamato also scoops the most recent additions to its coming lineup, the Ureshiko / Ryomou / Saki cosplay combo threatening to break the bank come May.
  • Koyori is SOLD OUT in Akiba, apparently. Mine should be in this afternoon… :3
  • Wanfesu Corner
    • Wonder Festival winter 2006 is coming up on February 19th, and the hype begins (began a few days ago, but hey) with Orchid Seed’s announcement of its offerings for the event. Featured are a Carmen 99 resin from Gun x Sword, a Hakufu resin from Ikkitousen (picture update later), an Arika Yumemiya resin from My Otome (picture update later), and this very limited edition (20 pieces) Kai Hahn resin kit from Bastard.
  • Konami has updated its Mechamusume vol. 2 lineup with images of the variant paint jobs and rare figure that will be part of the set come its April 20th release.
  • Cafe Reo has an official page up for its Final Fantasy trading arts 2 figure set, due out in early April.
  • Today’s figure omake: up close shots of Sela-chan, Polygonia Yayoi, and Cammy. Tanoshimi tanoshimi ~